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The motto of our company is not leaving a single customer not satisfied with the services received. Therefore, apart for delivering the high quality products we have created the policies and standards for our customers to get their paper revised or request a refund. Here you can find the money back policy of explicated.

Our company is experienced enough to be able to meet the customer’s instructions properly. Though, misapprehensions sometimes may occur and because of then the client might not be pleased by the paper’s quality. For such cases we offer the customer to open a dispute in the order if nothing else can be done.

After setting the order on dispute the customer will need to wait for about 7-10 days for the case to be examined by our dispute department. This time is needed for our Dispute Manager to be able to assess all the details of the order properly and find the solution, which will fit the customer perfectly. We will appreciate if you state in contact with us during the dispute process as it will help to resolve is much quicker.

Here are the cases when the customer is able to request the refund:

  • Double payment for one order. If you pay for the order, which you placed, twice or make to similar orders by mistake you can, for sure, request the full refund of one of the payments. For this, you just need to inform our support team representative about your case and the needed amount will be issued back to you.

  • We did not manage to find the writer. We cooperate with more than 700 writers currently, thus, these cases are really rare as we always find the professionals for the assignments. However, if this issue happens to you we guarantee that you will be informed in advance and be provided with the full refund. Also, we will compensate the loss with the discount for all future orders. In some cases we may ask the customer to allow more time for the order – if the customer agrees on it, no refund will be available.

    In case there is no writer to fulfill your revision request you are welcome to contact our DD via email address, which is available per request, so to discuss the amount for refund. We take into account all the special points of every single order, which is why the solutions are usually different.

  • Lateness of the order. Our service is assuring the timely delivery. Please, note that there are various reasons of why the order can be delayed. One of them is late providing the additional materials or any other info by the customer. In such a situation we will not be able to issue any refund for lateness as the customer is the one who takes responsibility for timely files and clarifications delivery.

    In case your order has been late for more than 17 minutes with 4 hours deadline we are able to offer the price to be recalculated according to the order with a longer deadline and issue the price difference back.

    When your order’s deadline is 7 days or more and the paper’s delivery has been slightly delayed we can provide you with 10% refund of the full payment. Please, contact our DD regarding this case.

Under certain circumstances we are forced to ask the customer to give more time for the order completion. If we receive the customer’s consent we will not be able to review the dispute for this reason.

Remember to send your dispute requests within 10 days after you received the completed work as if you do it later we will not be able to review it.

  • Lateness of revised paper. In case you come across such an issue you are eligible for opening a dispute on your order. However, you should remember that once you send a claim to our Dispute Department we will not revise your paper anymore. If you are willing to request your money back for lateness with revision you will be offered up to 15% amount once your case is reviewed by DD manager.

  • The paper’s quality is not satisfactory. We are striving for delivering the best quality products for our customers and we do all possible for it. However, sometimes the customer may have complaints regarding the paper. In this case you are welcome to send your email to our DD and provide the explanation of your dissatisfaction. All the points will be assessed by our Dispute Department Manager and the appropriate solution will be sent to you within 7-10 days after you send your request.

  • The preview variant of the work has been received by the customer and it has not been approved. In this case the customer is eligible for getting the paper revised unlimited times or opening a dispute on the order. The company can issue the full refund in case you manage to provide the arguments of your claim, that are valid and convincing (they are needed for eluding the fraudulent activity). The DD manager of will assess all the details of the order so make sure that you indicate all necessary points.

  • We have delivered the final variant of the paper and it has been approved. If this is case of yours, unfortunately, we will not be able to issue the full amount back to you as order’s approval is deemed to show satisfaction with it. However, you can get a partial refund of up to 30% in such a situation.

  • The customer wants to cancel the order. The refund here depends on the time after order placement, which passed, and the progress of work:

    1. When you decide to cancel the order right after its placement (the writer has not been allocated yet) you are eligible for getting full refund.
    2. If we have already allotted a writer for the paper completion and half deadline has not expired yet you can get 70% of the payment back.
    3. Once more than half of the deadline passes and the writer is working on the paper we can issue up to 30% refund to the client.
    4. In case the paper has been already completed no refund can be issued even if the time limit has not expired.
  • When you have received your paper but still want to get your payment back you can send your claim to our DD within 10 days after the paper’s delivery. The Dispute Department manager will examine the refund request carefully, as well as the complaints regarding the paper’s quality and will come up with the best possible solution. Remember to request refund within 10 days period as after it the paper is considered as approved by default so you will not be able either revise or get money back for it.

  • Plagiarism was detected. One of the basic principles that we pursue is originality of the papers, therefore, plagiarism claims are exceptionally rare at our company. All the papers are run through our special plagiarism checker so you can make sure about their originality. If you claim about the high percentage of similarity you will be asked to provide the report from Turnitin or your educational institution as a proof. These are the only reports, which are accepted by our company.

    Remember that Turnitin is a system saving all the submitted papers to its database, thus, during the second submission of the paper it will be shown as fully plagiarized. Make sure that you or your professor submits the paper to the system only once.

  • Additional services. We provide our customers with some additional features, such as editor’s service, summary of the paper, category of the writer and writer’s samples. Please, note that these features are not refundable. The only feature which you can get refund for is writer’s category only in case we did not assign the writer for the paper so far.

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