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Write My Essay Cheap: Demands and Offers

If talking about academic tasks, essay completion seems to be the easiest one. Nevertheless, as the writing statistics of our company shows, 4 orders out of 10 are the ones for essays. Why so, if essays are easy to be accomplished? Well, the easy 5 paragraph structure does not mean that it is simple to complete an A+ essay. If you want to discover the qualities of the perfect essays on practice, place your order with

What Information Should I Deliver You to Write My Essay ASAP?

Placing an order for a paper is much faster and requires less efforts and information if comparing this with an actual college or school essay completion. What are the required facts you should tell us to get the custom essay done for you?

  1. Length of the Paper

    There are limits in everything, and essay writing is not an exception. Your professor will not be excited about reading 15 pages long paper on some narrow topic. Yes, the bigger essay does not mean the better one. Therefore, check, how many pages you need us to complete in your custom paper or tell the number of words needed for type my essay request. As set by the standards of our service, one page is supposed to include 275 words. If you do not know, how many pages you need, rely on your assistant in this choice, and indicate just an approximate word count. If you need just a few sentences, pay for a cheap essay having 1 page only.

    Write My Essay
  2. Number of Sources

    Do you need your opinion to be backed up with citations or should it be your personal point of view only within the paper? This is also an important fact. Read your paper directions a few times attentively to select the correct number of sources to be cited and listed at the end of your text. The amount of references needed for your custom essay writing does not make difference in price: 1 or 50, you will not need to pay for the sources page(s).

    “I was aimed at hiring an expert, who could write my paper for me using my sources only, even though there were a few large books. I was happy to find out that your company can help on that, and you did help me effectively”, 5 pages

  3. Type of Writing

    There are four common types of essays and it is necessary to understand, which essay type to pay for. If you see words “narrative”, “argumentative”, “expository”, or “argumentative” – this is what we are talking about. Here is a short list of verbs-indicators of the essay type:

    You See You Need

    To explore an issue, to explain a concept etc.

    Explanatory essay.

    To tell a story, to depict your experience of an event with characters etc.

    Narrative essay.

    To support your point of view, to provide arguments on your opinion etc.

    Argumentative essay.

    To describe something, depict your impressions, to draw a verbal picture of something etc.

    Descriptive essay.

  4. Degree

    Naturally, the higher the grade, the more expensive custom essay will be, considering its rising difficulty. School essays are the cheapest ones, then come college essays and various university papers. To make sure we offer you original essay writing, you can ask for Turnitin report.

    College essay help deserves additional attention it is ordered more often compared to the other services. Here we can offer you various discounts for custom college essay prompts.

    “Our teacher assigned us to write a ridiculous compare and contrast essay about dogs and ice-cream. School essays are cheap, I already earn enough to afford this – write my paper please”, Literature, “Dogs and Ice-cream”, 1 page.

Our Prices Have Never Been So Cheap Before

The key principle of our pricing policy is affordability for students. Thus, we have set the most reasonable prices in the market of custom writing and ready to provide you with a discount to adjust them at any time.

What to consider when constituting your price?

You are the one who decides what the price for your paper will be. Check out the following aspects:

  • Type of service: select writing from scratch for having a paper done from zero and rewriting, editing or proofreading if you have got a draft to be changed.
  • Number of pages: the more pages your order the more the price will increase. Select the exact amount carefully.
  • Academic level: make sure to pick a correct level of yours as the paper’s consistency will depend on this factor.
  • Deadline: give your writer and yourself enough time for the work’s completion and adjusting.
  • Selection of additional features: there are certain extras described below that might modify the price.

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What does “Additional Features” Mean?

These are the characteristics that will help you to get a superb paper and will change the price slightly. For instance:

  • ENL and Top writer’s categories will let us allocate the greatest specialists for your assignment.
  • Writer’s sample is a feature for getting the example of your writer’s paper.
  • Turnitin report: select this extra if you are willing your paper to be run through the Turnitin system and similarity rate to be checked without saving to the system.
  • Editor’s service: after the writer finishes your work, our professional Editor will make it perfect.
  • Summary of your paper: order 1 page of your whole paper summarized concisely and accurately.

Additional services

Deadline Content writing Cover Letter writing Resume writing CV writing
Deadline High school College University Master's

Will You Review My Essay If I Have Done Something So Far?

Often students come for custom essays after they have been trying to do them, but understood, that the task was too hard. Thus, they have paper prompts, which can be sent to writers and used as a basis for a brilliant school essay completion. It will be logical, if such clients will need to pay for their orders less, than those, who come with paper directions only.

Essay Writing

“I do not want anyone to write my essay fully from scratch. I was searching within the essay services to access the one, which works with drafts and sends commentaries as well. Thus, every time I order with EssayLook.Com, I come with a draft, and I am attentive to the comments I get”, Criminal Justice, “Lowering of Crime Rate”, 6 pages

Cheap Essay Editing Service for Writing Essay Task

You can ask your writer to comment your essay or to do the necessary edits. This will be at a better price than custom writing from scratch. So, you can pay for essay rewriting services and get much higher grades for your papers.

Write Part of My Paper from Scratch

If you have some parts of your paper ready, it is possible just to request the missing ones. Thus, you will get the length you need without overpaying. For example, if you have a college essay on 3 pages, but your professor requires 6-page long text to be written, you are welcome to pay for 3 pages, and the desired paper will be sent to you. Please, note that services for paper corrections will not be applicable in such cases. In case you have not copied and pasted within the part completed by you, you will get a full original essay ready.

I Need a Specific Author to Write My Papers

Who can be considered a good academic assistant being worth your money? Here is a checklist in form of questions:

  1. Does the person have a good education?
  2. Is the person experienced in writing and tutoring?
  3. Is he responsible for meeting all the task’s demands?
  4. Is he friendly and willing to perform the service qualitatively within the required writing services?
  5. Is he ethical and will he keep the writing standards? Will he be able to write a non-plagiarized essay?
  6. Is the expert updated with modern information and techniques to apply for online essays while writing custom papers?

If you got 6 “Yes”, you have found the best custom essay writing website for your task. We do our best to have the selection of such professionals to work on the website you are at now.

"I have tried a lot of cheap essay writing services, but only here I have no complaints at all. This one fit perfectly to write my paper online.”, Business Studies, “A Successful Project", 4 pages

How Exactly Do You Choose Writers?

It is not that easy to find really proficient writers, who will be suitable according to all the above mentioned requirements and be able to work within the number of services offered by our company. In order to test every applicant thoroughly, we require every applicant to pass the multi-staged process.

  1. Documents

    The first thing we pay attention to is the person’s diploma, then resume. This helps us to create impression about the applicant’s personal achievements in the academic sphere, his potential in performing of services offered by our website, and his general level of awareness. The experience in working on custom writing services is also paid attention to, and long experience in custom essay writing is a big advantage.

    Essay Writer
  2. Test on Grammar and Academic Demands

    If a person is going to perform services for writing essays, it is a must for them to have a brilliant grammar. The test on English grammar also has a part, which is aimed on how well our potential employees are aware of the citation requirements. The paper format/citation styles get updated from time to time, so we develop new questions accordingly. Such a test makes it possible to check if the writer is able to work on all the range of our custom paper services, including the services for the correction of drafts.

  3. Test on Deepness of Knowledge

    This is a specific test developed to check how good is a certain applicant for a writer’s position at his particular scientific sphere, on our blog page you can learn more about skills of our writers. There is a wide range of tests developed for each particular academic field. Obviously, only a true expert in the certain subject can write an in-depth and extra-ordinary analysis on the given topic.

    “No matter what I order, I always get a writer, who knows his job, and this is clear from the first message”, Marketing, “The Modern Techniques”, 7 pages

  4. Job Interview
    Job Interview as a Part of Hiring Process No Job Interview Required to Be Passed

    We can see, who stays behind the papers and analyze the writer’s willingness to work. We can see if the expert is really eager to work within our services.

    Just checking papers our HR manager will not have a possibility to evaluate the person’s level as an academic writer.

    It is possible to see if the person is communicative and friendly.

    It is not possible to check if the person will be nice to customers, and will perform the services offered in a friendly manner.

    A HR manager can learn more about the writer’s skills and interests, which may be useful for the further fruitful co-operation.

    No external information can be received.

    Interview Writer

    Why should they pass an interview? Well, our paper writers communicate with customers directly. All in all, let’s see why job interview is important while hiring on a position of academic writer online:

    “I just had to call and ask to write my paper ASAP and in eight hours I received my custom essay right away”, History, “Artillery in First World War”, 2 pages.

What Else Do You Propose at

For you to get the full spectrum of pluses from our writing essay services, we have made up a few extra features.

So You Rate Writers, Too?

There is a possibility to select the better writer’s category. Thus, you can get your online essay written by the best of the best proficient writers. The writer’s category can be raised based on the number and character of the revision requests on his orders, on the customer’s feedback and on the quality tests performed regularly by our Quality Department. We watch writers perform only original essays and that affects their category too.

How Am I Sure That the Right Guy Will Write My Essay for Me?

It is possible to request a writer’s sample and see what is the style your author writes in before they get assigned. If you do not like the way this person is writing custom essays based on the sample, you can request a new expert assigned to back you up with custom essay writing.

Can I Ask for the Same Guy to Write My Paper Online?

You have a great opportunity to order essays completed by the same writer every time your order a custom paper on the needed academic field, no matter what services you need. No extra costs are ever requested for this inquiry. That is the way we can be your personal Write My Essay website.
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