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Privacy Policy normally asks the customers to provide the following personal details: a name, an email address and a telephone number during the customer signs in with our website or makes the order. However, you can use our website not uncovering your personal information if you wish to.

Why do we need some personal information of our customers?

You can be sure that we are asking your information only in order to make our cooperation as comfortable as possible for you:

  1. The personal area of the customer. It is a way better to understand the customer’s is in want if we have the whole experience gathered together in the account, which is personalized.
  2. Website upgrading. We are willing to get your feedbacks regarding all positive and negative points of our website so to be sure regarding the improvement needed.
  3. Raising the level of our service quality. What we work for is reaching the high standards of the support of the customer in order to present the best quality, timely and convenient facilities.
  4. Transaction processing. is working on the prepaid basis; therefore, the customers will need to pay after placing the order. To process a transaction we need to know certain information of the customers, which is guaranteed not to be sold, exchanged or transferred to any third parties without the customer’s consent. The information of the client is used exceptionally for the purpose of service delivery.
  5. To keep in touch with the clients. Communication with our clients is vital especially when the order is in progress. We may need to notify you about the urgent clarification, missing file or additional payment via phone or email.

How do we protect the information?

We are aware of the significance of information security nowadays, which is why we try our best to make your access to the account access absolutely safe.

One of the means that we use for this purpose is running the information through SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The next step is coding the data of the customer is the database of our payment system by the personnel that signed a consent about confidentiality.

We do guarantee that the customer’s information like payment cards, billing address or financials will not be stored at the servers of our company.

Cookies. Why do we use them?

Our website is using the files Cookies after receiving the consent from the customer. These files are transferred to the user’s hard drive and allow the website to recognize which web browser is used and save the previous experience.

We are applying Cookies in order to be able to be aware of the customer’s needs and preferences.

Is your information disclosed to the thirds parties? guarantees that no personal materials and details of the customer can be disclosed to the other parties. The stated information access is maintained to the specially authorized people that have confirmed staying completely confidential. The only aims of the information revealing are law corresponding, company’s rights protection and policy enforcing.

If the non-personal information is shared it happens for the purposes of advertising, research, surveys or marketing.

Complying with the COPPA

Here we confirm that we comply with the Children Online Privacy Protection Act, which prohibits collecting information from the individuals that are under 13 years old. Thus, we cooperate and provide our services only to those customers who are more than 13 years old.

Online Privacy Policy

Please, be notified that the stated policies are applicable only for the cases when the info is gathered online only. If you have shared your info with the help of any offline methods we are not responsible for its safety.

Terms and conditions of our company

We are glad to provide you with all the details of the cooperating process of and the customer in our section “Terms and Conditions”.

The Agreement of the Customer

Once the customer is using our website he or she agrees to our policies automatically.

Privacy Policy Modifications

In case we change or update our Privacy Policy be sure to find all the adjustments at this page.

The last Privacy Policy update took place on 12.11.2015.

Revision Policy

Having more than 5 years of experience in academic assistance and custom writing, we are well acknowledged of how to provide the best help for students and those, who need some writing service. We are striving for perfection and for this reason, we are presenting the revision policy that was developed especially for making ideal cooperation with customers happen.

We guarantee that all of our clients are able to get revisions, which are free of charge and not limited. Please, note that this rule works for 10 days after you receive the first completed paper in your account with our company.

  1. Comments and instructions for a revision. The customer is obliged to send the revision commentaries to the writer in order to start the process. The compulsory feature of the revision instructions is being not contradicting to those, which we posted or uploaded together with initial order form. In case the customer is willing to change the paper’s instructions we will request the extra payment.
  2. How to start the revision? Requesting the revision is really simple. The customer just has to send a message to the writer (this option is available in your personal account) and indicate what he/she wants to be fixed or added. If you hesitate how to arrange all the things you may contact our support team member via email, live chat or phone so to get clear instructions and assistance.
  3. How much time do you have for free revising of the paper? We provide our customers with the period, which allows to revise the paper properly for free and as many times as the customer needs, - 10 days. However, when 10 days term expires the revision is possible as well but payment for it will be needed.
  4. Modifications in initial instructions. In case you decide to modify the prior instructions, provide some complementary requirements etc. we will ask you to pay an extra charge for revision. This charge is typically recalculated according to the time limit and editing or rewriting type of service price. In particular cases, the price is 70% of the initial payment.
  5. Can you change the writer? We provide our customer with such a facility but with the certain restrictions. First of all, the customer has to prove that the first assigned writer is failing to complete the assignment correctly; secondly, at least, 3 revisions must be performed by the first writer. After that we will be able to assign a new writer for revising or rewriting the paper completely.
  6. The option of progressive delivery. We appreciate cooperation of our customers, which is why we are willing to make the revising process corresponding to their needs. Thus, if the order is placed for more than 30 pages the customer is able to get revision free of charge for 20 days after the first revised version has been delivered.
  7. Refund option. We provide our customers with an opportunity to get their money back when minimum 2 revisions have been performed for the order (at least 1 revision is needed when the time limit of the order was 4, 8 or 12 hours). Remember to send the convincing arguments when requesting the refund.
  8. Revision time limits. To fix the customer’s paper properly, we need a good time frame. Therefore, we have fixed the minimum deadline for revision: it is 3 hours for regular orders and 2 hours for the orders with an urgent deadline (4, 8 or 12 hours). In certain cases we are asking our customers to provide the deadline extensions for the orders.
  9. Money back restrictions. Our customers must have at least 1 revision completed for the urgent orders and minimum 2 revisions for other orders. The dispute on the order will not be opened in case the customer did not requested revisions before. All the dispute claims take about 7-10 days to be reviewed and solved by Dispute Department.

Terms and Conditions

Here you can find the basic terms, which we use, explained for avoiding any misinterpretations.

The notion “Company”, “We” and “Our” are referred to at this page.

The word “Website” is used in reference to

“Customer”, “You” and “Your” are the words, which are relevant for any person, who makes the order with our service, accepts our Policies, Terms and Conditions. The customer is must take responsibility for the orders placed, making choices and accepting the policies and rules of our company.

The word “Product” is referred to different types of papers completed by our writers (these can be essays, thesis, research papers, term papers, dissertations etc.). We oblige our customers to use the products for the purposes of references only. All the products are delivered to the account of the customer to the locations were files are stored and accessed by them only or to a customer’s email if it is requested.

The notion “Order” is used to identify the process and result of the order form completion at There the customer provides all the requirements to the product, which he/she wishes to get. The customer takes responsibility for giving the instructions, which are valid and relevant. The order form is the only possible way to place an order with our company. We do not accept the orders through email, chat or phone.

The services of

The customer has a possibility to order writing from scratch, proofreading, rewriting, editing, and business writing at our website. The mentioned types of service are typically used for academic assistance purposes. All the services are available in the order form at our website. In advance of placing the order and pay for it you will be obliged to check and accept our Privacy, Revision, Money Back Policies, Terms and Conditions).

Our Company’s Terms Acceptance

Dear customer, in here you are welcome to familiarize with all the terms and conditions of, which govern the relationships of the Company and the Customer during the visits to our website. When the order is placed by you it means that you have agreed to our terms, conditions and policies. Here you can find the full Agreement between the client and the company. Remember that once you place an order you confirm your consideration of our policies.

Agreement Modifications

We are able to modify the stated here Terms and Conditions at the time, which is reasonable for our company. At any time the notice about the stated changes can be posted. The customer’s continuous following the notice and visiting the website of ours means his/her being bounded to the modifications acceptance.

License and Site Access

The customer is given the license for the website access, which is limited regarding the personal usage. No parts of the website are allowed to be modified by the customer, as well the information downloading. The exception is the cases when our agreement is written form has been given.

We do not allow our customers to copy the website and its content, reproduce them, duplicate, sell and use for any other aims of merchantability. The stated actions can be taken only once the company’s management issues the written consent.

No website and account info can be downloaded or copied for the other merchants’ profit.

Information Validity, Timeliness and Completeness

The updating of information, its being full, valid or accurate is not under the responsibility of our company. General information is the purpose of the materials, which are provided at the website. The customer replies to the available information at his/her personal risk solely. Also, here some historical information can be available, which is used for the purpose of reference exceptionally. We take a right to change content of at any reasonable time for us without sending notifications to our customers. The customer must be aware about his/her obligation of monitoring the changes made.

Pricing and Description of Products

We are presenting our prices for services and product at the separate page “Pricing” for retail prices. We do not change prices as they are set and fixed. In certain cases we may apply discounts to the orders according to our discount programs. Some set items are indicated as “open-stock” price in our Price list. In some cases the real price of the product can be different from that one, which is stated in the order form by the customer. If this situation happens we contact our customers right away in order to get further instructions about the extra payment or order’s cancellation.

The product description is not guaranteed to be valid, reliable, correct, timely and full. If the product that you received is different from its description you are obliged to request a revision. All the details regarding the revision process are explicated in the separate section “Revision Policy”.

Links and Framings

No one has a permission for our graphics and logo utilization for the purpose of linking the website if no written consent has been given by the company.

The company’s trademark, logo, graphic content etc. is not allowed to be framed if there were no permission from the management of the company in the written form. No content can be copied from this website. is not in charge for other websites and their content, quality, nature and reliability if they are accessed with the help of hyperlink from our website, or those sites contain links to ours. Our company is not responsible for the third parties, their websites, contents, links, updates and modifications. The customer here confirms the awareness that we are not in charge for the external websites and their links. All the external websites are accessed by the customer at the personal risk only.


When the customer places an order at it is considered as a confirmation of being familiarized with the following warranties:

  1. In case the writer uses the resources for paper completion they are referenced and cited properly and according to such standard formats as MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard).
  2. The freelance writers are completing the products for the customers. Once you buy a paper it still belongs to our company as the client is purchasing it for the purpose of reference material.
  3. The customer pays for the services of research, performance, correction, posting, gathering and reference information delivery. Our aim is educational access.
  4. The customer is prohibited to change, reproduce, publish, derivate or exploit for any other purposes the content and products of our company if no written consent has been received.
  5. All the products must be deleted or destroyed once its usage as the reference or research material by the customer ends. The products and website content cannot be distributed and copied for the personal purposes of the customer or any other merchants.


When the customer is accessing our website he or she relies in the personal risk only. The basis of the website is “as available” and “as is”. The access to the website can be restricted at any reasonable time by the company. Here all the warranties are declined, whether they are express or implied, with the warranties of the implied merchantability but not restricted to them and suiting for the certain aim warranties, also, the warranties which claim that the content and information at is not impaired, and warranties received from dealing or performance course, stating that the customer’s access to will be never interrupted or error free, which claim about the website’s safety, virus-free character of the server and the site, about the validity of the materials, their being timely and full. The customer downloads any content from our website at his personal risk only and is solely responsible to the damage of computer, system etc. as the result of such download. You can safely use the information from our website, however, if any damage occurs you are the one who is responsible for the computer harm implied.

Rights of the Corporate Intellectual Property

The customer hereby accepts that his or her interests, which are not restricted to rights, rights and titles will be under the Rights of Intellectual property. Not acquiring any title, right or interests regarding our website (with the exception of those which we are declaring in this Terms and Conditions agrement) is confirmed in here. The customer is prohibited from translation, decompilation, disassembling, adaptation, derivation and other actions regarding the website, like source code derivation from the documentation, services and software of our company. Hereby the customer agrees not to create or to attempt to do so the similar services or products with the help of the information or Program of a company.

Confidentiality rules

Once the order is placed by the customer at he or she confirms that no information received from our company’s representatives, other clients etc. will be disclosed. The company owns the materials completed and delivered to the customer and those ones, which are found at the website.

We assure the full confidentiality of the customer’s information and its non-disclosure to any other parties. All the liabilities are confirmed in our Privacy Policy regarding this question.

Rights Non-Assignment

It is not possible to assign the customer’s rights to any other person although the company has a right to a lot this Agreement without any note to any person.


Any violation no waiver of a facility performed by any person will be taken as the waiver of the same or facility or the other one of the violation, which happened previously or is happening at the moment. The stated Agreement between the client and the company becomes enforceable in the process when the client checks our website pages, reviews the available materials, orders the products or just makes the visits to the website.

Severability of Terms

This facility, which is explicated in the current Agreement with the Terms and Conditions and which appears not correct or unenforceable pursuant to any level of justice has to be implied to the extent, which is the highest and that the law allows it. This Agreement with Terms and Conditions remainder has to stay valid and applied in accordance to the terms.

Payment details:

More Information on card details storing:

We are legally obligated to secure your consent to allow us to store your card details for future use. As per our policy, we cannot process your payment before you agree to such storing.

How long will card details be stored?

Card details will be stored for 400 days.

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