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Practical Guide for Choosing a Teacher via Skype


Not all teachers are equally useful. On the Internet, there are many different schools of learning English via Skype. Each of them can offer services of dozens of teachers: from simple ones to native speakers. How to choose the one that suits you among them? Today we will try to give you some pieces of advice. We hope they will help make a choice.

Idioms About Food: The Most "Tasty" Expressions


A person cannot live without food. However, spiritual food is no less important than bodily one. Today, we want to quench your spiritual hunger with the help of English idioms about food. Read, be surprised and remember! And, of course, order an essay on and you will never have academic problems.

How Does Age Influence the Learning of English?


"I will not succeed," – people say at the age of 35-60 years when they speak about studying English. Can people over 60 successfully learn a foreign language? We decided to find out from teachers whether age affects the learning of English. We also asked them to tell about the youngest and the oldest students they had. Let's find out if there is an option to be too old to learn English. What can be said with complete certainty, is that it is always possible to order a professional essay on

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