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The Art of Writing. Idioms


We continue to study all kinds of interesting aspects of the English language. Today we have another portion of idioms. Using them, you can effectively stand out from the crowd of students of English. The idioms below are often used in both standard and business English – in any case, they will benefit you.

"House of Leaves"


Do you know how to write reviews on books? Are you sure about this? We pretend to be able to do it on Read our today review and revise your point of view on this type of text activity.

Interesting Expressions Involving Animals


Idioms are vivid expressions that make speech lively and expressive. How to remember and study them? It is very simple – using the method of associations. This is a very famous method, which we often use in writing essays and other works, make sure of this by placing an order on And today we will be engaged in associations with animals that will make the process of memorizing new expressions even more interesting and exciting.

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