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Price Setting Principles

Our transparent pricing policy and conveniently designed calculators are aimed at providing each client of with clear, up-to-date and valid information on the prices for the whole range of our services. Discover more about the financial aspect of our cooperation and learn how you can benefit from it!

The Pricing of the Main Writing Services and Their Optional Features

We guarantee that all prices set by company are fixed and no hidden charges can be introduced. Each price you can see in the calculator stands for 1 page A4 double spaced or 275 words. The price of 1 PPT slide is 1/2 of the price for one page.

Please note! If the earliest deadline we offer does not meet your needs, you are welcome to set yours. However, in this case we reserve the right to increase the price that relates to the earliest deadline. Besides, the initial price for your order can increased by our Quality Department if there is evidence that the entire work appears more complex than you indicated in the instructions.

If you would like to order any academic paper, please pay attention to the following provisions and the prices in the calculator below.

These factors add to the price:

  • the academic level or degree
  • the number or pages and/or PPT slides
  • the writer’s category
  • the due date
  • the choice of optional services

These factors do not add to the price:

  • the type of the academic paper
  • the subject/discipline
  • the topic of writing
  • the citation style
  • the additional materials and their number

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The Pricing of the Additional Business Writing Service and Editing Services

Below you can check out how the prices for these services are set and what they include. The factors that influence and do not influence these prices correspond with the ones mentioned above.

Business Writing Option:

  • includes resume/CV/cover letter writing and content creation;
  • is priced differently, so please be attentive when selecting the service and deadline;
  • can be ordered along with the same optional services as academic writing.

Rewriting, Editing, and Proofreading Options:

  • are priced differently, based on the approximate percentage of modifications in the original;
  • can be provided along with the standard optional services;
  • may not include the Free Revision service.

Please contact our Client Support Team if you would like to receive any further clarifications concerning the prices for the mentioned services. We are pleased to help you any time!

Additional services

Deadline Content writing Cover Letter writing Resume writing CV writing
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20% Value Added Tax Regulation

If you are ordering from any country that is the current member of the European Union or from the UK, 20% VAT will be added to the total cost of any service automatically. This additional sum is redirected to the monetary bodies of the country of your current residence. company is not eligible and liable for it.

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