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Syntax for Advanced Learners


When the time comes and you begin a new topic in grammar sphere, the mess in your head may evoke. We all know how difficult it is to learn grammar but learning grammar of a language you are mastering as a foreign one can really be a challenge to rise to. So, if you contend to surmount the difficulty of comprehending the basics of English syntax, do not feel upset and take a look at our article that has been created especially for your needs.

How to Use Tongue Twisters for Better Pronunciation

Bounded Tongues

We all know these creepy statements everybody should have to pronounce to make the adults sure we are not idiots. Just kidding. To be honest, many people apply to different learning centers to have their help on mastering the English language. And it is not even embarrassing as many may think. Only those people who do nothing with their pronunciation to improve themselves, should be ashamed.

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