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How Does Age Influence the Learning of English?


"I will not succeed," – people say at the age of 35-60 years when they speak about studying English. Can people over 60 successfully learn a foreign language? We decided to find out from teachers whether age affects the learning of English. We also asked them to tell about the youngest and the oldest students they had. Let's find out if there is an option to be too old to learn English. What can be said with complete certainty, is that it is always possible to order a professional essay on

Productivity and English


Knowledge of a foreign language, particularly English, is no longer fashion, but practical necessity. Remember a standard questionnaire, where one writes "I speak a foreign language with the dictionary" in the line of language knowledge. But with the dictionary – it means no way. However, facts are such that today's applicant for a position and, in particular, for leadership, must master a foreign tongue. In this case, his or her value as an employee increases by one and a half times and chances of getting a position increase many-fold.

"A Hero of Our Time". Are You Really a Hero?


Knowledge of the historical originality of time, when the artistic work was conceived and created, allows us, readers, to understand it more deeply to see analogies with the present. Thus, acquaintance with the post-decembrist period of the history of Russia makes it possible to understand essence of the novel under consideration. You can always order the review of any book and more on

The Art of Writing. Idioms


We continue to study all kinds of interesting aspects of the English language. Today we have another portion of idioms. Using them, you can effectively stand out from the crowd of students of English. The idioms below are often used in both standard and business English – in any case, they will benefit you.

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