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Productivity and English


Knowledge of a foreign language, particularly English, is no longer fashion, but practical necessity. Remember a standard questionnaire, where one writes "I speak a foreign language with the dictionary" in the line of language knowledge. But with the dictionary – it means no way. However, facts are such that today's applicant for a position and, in particular, for leadership, must master a foreign tongue. In this case, his or her value as an employee increases by one and a half times and chances of getting a position increase many-fold.

And an employer insists. And if earlier it was desirable, now there is requirement to know English. In the past year or two, due to serious global events, the Chinese language has become extremely popular, but everything is bad there. And figures of the survey of citizens on the subject of languages knowledge are alarming. 14% of citizens stated that they will be able to support the conversation, while others have evaded an answer.

In the meantime, almost all branches of the national economy are terribly in need of employees speaking English. These are firms that work with foreign capital, co-founders with foreign partners, companies that live under the formula "Import-Export". And what can be said about the sphere of procurement, and jurisprudence, finance, computer technology?

The statistics are as follows: a competitor with knowledge of the English language is estimated to be 40-50% higher paid than an "ignoramus". The initial level of tongue knowledge immediately gives a substantial supplement to the salary, and free literary English increases the salary by one and a half or even two times. Is it offensive? Learn language. This approach is absolutely fair when it comes to business.

The list of spheres where knowledge of a language is important and necessary is extremely large. But we can say the following – any today's professional activity requires knowledge of English. So only in one city, English rating when hiring is such that 95% of vacancies require its knowledge. Of course, knowing it you do not have a guarantee to find a solution to all problems and a salary itself will not increase. But its availability on the part of an applicant to a position gives a chance to get more complex and extremely important tasks for a company, here salaries begin!

Polling parents in school walls is also unambiguous. More than 90% answered for compulsory knowledge of English for a child.

Surveys and statistics have shown that about 800 million people on the planet are explained using English. Chinese, of course, is a record holder, but this is a closed space, whereas English, whether we like it or not, has mastered the planetary society and become the tongue of the world. And now mastering this language for business success and development is simply necessary, as commerce, emerging from the state framework, requires a common communicator.

On the Prospects of Career Growth

  • Increased chances of career growth;
  • Reading media, books and watching TV;
  • Revision of the world outlook;
  • Objectivity, mobility, increased opportunities;
  • Vacancy in an international company.

In fact, having mastered English, a person discovers unimaginable horizons, countless possibilities, and the territory on which he or she could expand extends to the size of the planet! And here it is important to find right courses, literate language teachers.

Very much depends on a teacher. He or she can use a technique that will become a real breakthrough in your studies, or ways that will forever deprive you of the desire to learn. Therefore, the issue of choosing a teacher should be approached especially responsibly. We can offer several options:

  • Word-of-mouth marketing. Ask your friends and acquaintances if they can recommend a good specialist. Perhaps they learned from one of them and are ready to give an exhaustive description. They can also tell you about methods used by a particular teacher, and you will be able to determine if this method suits you or there is a sense to look for more. Maybe you like learning with the help of songs, about the benefits of what we have told in the previous article. This is the most reliable method since likelihood that your friends will deceive you in such a case is equated to zero;
  • Well-known courses. As a rule, popular courses have their own websites, on which you can study feedback of students. However, one must be careful here, because, as a rule, many websites tend to forge positive feedback and remove negative one. Therefore, it is a good idea to read comments about these courses in several other resources or forums. This will help form more objective vision. It is great if your friends attended these courses and are ready to give a certain characteristic. Sometimes you are given the opportunity to attend a free trial lesson, but do not count on it – usually, trial exercises do not reflect absolutely anything of what will happen next;
  • Individual teachers on the Internet notice-board. This method is equated to the second in terms of its reliability because you have no way to test a person before he or she starts teaching. Of course, you can learn everything about their methods, but this does not negate the factor of human’s disposition, subjective attractiveness, similarity of temperaments and other things that are not considered primary, but do not cease to be extremely important when choosing a good teacher. You can take a test lesson and check to see if this specialist is right for you. In this regard, it is easier with individual teachers than with courses, because payment in the first case is made after the end of a lesson, and in the second, you have to pay in advance for the whole course.

If to listen to experts, English is one of the most vibrant and richest tongues on the planet. And English-speaking states today dominate the world, whatever one may say. That is why good knowledge of this language is unconditional pledge of a successful career and prosperity of a person who chose the path of knowledge.

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