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Healthy Competition as a Key to Success: Why and How to Use It


It is not a rare situation when you are in college and you need to compete with someone in writing essays, making presentations or even achieving better grades. In fact, we are forced to compete with a lot of people probably since childhood, and surely way into adult life. Personal and professional competition can make you awfully tired unless you use Sometimes you feel like giving up your work just for the sake of lessening this pressure on yourself. However, you should remember that there are healthy types of competition that will be good for you. This article will explain you some main reasons for competing in class and practical advice on how to keep it civil and fruitful for you.

Reasons for Competing

Let us focus on some of the grandest reasons why you should keep the competition high. 

Getting Work Done

Whenever you feel like simply letting your competitor have your spot or your potential achievements, you can remember a fact from history. That fact is the Space Race, which was occurring between the USA and the Soviet Union in terms of conquering the abyss of space. Enormous amounts of money and scientific research were thrown into the space program from both superpowers, and thus grand goals were reached: humanity managed to send a person into space, to walk the moon and carried out numerous extremely important space operations. Without this competition and need to show what we are capable of, we surely would not have achieved all this.


There is nothing like the desire to win that can keep your motor running. Motivation is the fuel of your success, and you will find out that without it, it is hard to achieve even the bare minimum. Also, as the human nature proves it, the need to show off and look smarter and more successful than your opponent will do miracles to keep that motivation alive and kicking!


Sometimes, we feel like we cannot achieve anything. However, if a teacher assigns a competition-based project, we can find ourselves ready to face a challenge. If a teacher has picked us out for such a project, we are worthy of competing and will do an amazing job at it. Not to mention that we need to show the opposing project group what dough are we made of.

Drawbacks Erasure


Whenever we compete with someone, we are highly aware of our faults. Not only we can compare our processes of work, but also realize how the competition is better than us, what are some methods that they are using more successfully than we do. It helps us realize our drawbacks and work on them until they are completely erased.

Practical Advice

You need to remember that only healthy competition will make you thrive. Whenever you feel like the opposing team is doing some cheap tricks or achieving something too easily, whenever you feel like you are exhausting yourself and gaining nothing, it is time to reevaluate your circumstances. However, here are some pieces of advice about some ways to keep it productive.

Be Realistic

First of all, you need to be realistic about the goals you set. Neither the USA nor the Soviet Union rushed to colonize Mars in the 70s of the last century. You will not look good when you lose all your resources on projects that are too far away from your caliber. Also, do not choose professionals as your competitors. Choose someone with your level of skills and knowledge, or maybe a little bit advanced. Do not expect to be able to achieve something only professionals can just by adding the motivation of defeating someone to your winning formula. Here are some thoughts on how to set goals.


Push Up Challenge

Set challenges. You do not have to show off and keep your brain buzzing at all times. Instead, focus on small goals like your midterm grade, or your Medieval History paper. Focus on making them good and being better than your competition. If you try to turn your whole college experience into a competition, not only you will be exhausted by the end of the first month, but you are less likely to achieve success this way. Keep in mind the small challenges that will help you improve.


Choose a role-model. It could be anyone that has the level of skills you desire to have. For example, if you wish to be good at swimming, you can think about famous swimming Olympians. Choose one of them and read some information on how they practiced when they were younger, how they achieved such high success and so on. You will see that greatness comes only with hard work, and receive practical advice on how to make some first steps towards a big goal.

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