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Types of Essays: Some Clever Things to Know About Them

Student and Teacher

Writing needs more than a pen and some paper, or a laptop if you prefer typing. This is what you know for sure. It needs such magic thing as inspiration and, of course, it takes your precious time.

So here we are with our well-organized essay writing service and professional writers to help you save your time and efforts. We provide unique texts as well as lots of useful information on the whole essay writing process.

For you to orient yourself to a wide range of essay types and their main particularities, we have picked up the most common of them and tried to define them as fully and simply as possible. Find out more about their main characteristics and standards to make sure there is nothing confusing about different essays for you any more.

A Few General Words About an Essay

Aldous Huxley, an English writer and essayist, famous for his anti-utopian novel "Brave New World", defined the essay as a short piece of prose writing in which you can freely say almost everything you want to say about almost everything.

To put a bit more simply and in a more generalized form, the essay is a short text with the results of its author's personal research on and his valid arguments over a particular topic.

The name of this genre originates from Latin and means examining or testing. So the main purpose of an essay as a school or college assignment is to examine how students can express their own opinions on either a given topic or a topic they choose themselves. Different types of essay suppose different forms to shape your opinion into and various means to prove it reasonably and tolerantly.

Essay Types General Guide

Girl with a Magnifying Glass

Discover what are the main features of each essay writing type.

Narrative Essay

It can be either based on your real memories or life experience, or simply made up and dressed with a pinch of fantasy. However, this is a secondary criterion which depends mostly on your teacher. The plot and style of the story you're going to write down are the two main aspects you should pay your attention to. So your main challenge is to focus on logic and sequence of events adorning them with your colorful descriptions, creative presentation of your characters or even some humor. By the way, this is a great chance for you to try yourself as a writer. For a good conclusion, you can add a piece of advice or some prospects for the future if you like.

Expository Essay

The main requirement for the essay of such type is sticking to facts, statistics data and real events. Your task is to analyze, retell and explain a particular issue providing logical and reasonable arguments as well as a well-grounded conclusion. Such essays tend to include other specific sub-types, such as a comparison or contrast essay, a cause-and-effect essay and a definition essay. Remember that you shouldn't present your personal attitudes.

Argumentative and Persuasive Essays

These particular essays may be the most complex and challenging. Basically, it's going to be your presentation of the pros and cons of a particular issue. In order to be able to provide several good and reasonable arguments, you should thoroughly study the issue you're writing about. Your evidence must be solid and brief. Your arguments and conclusion must convince your reader that you're right, or at least make him or her acknowledge that your point of view deserves the right to exist. In the end, you should summarize them and come up with a pithy logical conclusion.

Critical Essay

This doesn't suppose criticism as it is even if the issue you are analyzing does deserve it. Its topic may relate to politics and arts, economic strategies and the latest movies, but the way you present your personal attitude to the issue should be reasonable and diplomatic. It can be really helpful to refer to the opinions of famous and respected people and use them as arguments to support yours. Don't forget about a well-grounded conclusion, but try to avoid giving very negative and offensive statements.

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