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Argumentative Pro-Choice Essay and How to Manage It

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In order to compose an essay that will make a dent in the reader’s mind, you need to choose a topic that not only you know perfectly, but also feel passionate about enough to sound convincing in your evidence. Nowadays, the controversial issue of abortions is still being discussed all over the planet. Here are some tips on how to turn our opinion on the matter in a smashingly good composition piece.

Cast the Fishing Rod

First of all, your reader needs to be aware of the issue at hand. Start with an introductory paragraph that will have all the bait you need to attract your readers. If you are writing an essay that will be shared with the group, keep in mind that a catching title with your strong opinion will surely incite the attention of both groups of people: those who strongly agree with it, and those who strongly disagree. The introductory paragraph continues your title and states your main premise.

Catch the First Fish

In the first paragraph, lay out your most powerful argument. For this essay, you can go with explaining the meaning of “pro-choice” with such a phrase “women have the right to choose”. Focus on the issue that you would like to address. The right to choose is the foundation of democracy, and denying that right is extremely incorrect. Provide statistical data that mentions countries that prohibit the practice of abortion, and lay out the uncomfortable truth: if women have no right to choose a safe and legal practice, they will go to unspeakable and dangerous measures to terminate pregnancy. Erasing the choice forces illegal and dangerous behavior, and does not prevent the problem.

Catch the Second Fish

Provide a second argument. Women have the right to terminate a pregnancy if they understand that providing for the child will be a burden for the family, for their own lives, for their financial situation. A woman’s life and right to freedom should not be oppressed in favor of the rights of a fetus that holds only potential life. You can strengthen your position by posing a rhetorical question “Is it more responsible to carry out a pregnancy of a child who will be unsupported, unloved and may bring harm to society or is it responsible to terminate a pregnancy at an early stage?”


Throw the Small Fish Back

In an argumentative essay, you can provide your opinions, or make your opinions the clever responses to opposing arguments. Get rid of the small opposing arguments by throwing them back with logical and precise counterarguments. Mind the structure of your essay. You can begin each paragraph with your opponent’s thoughts and smash their thoughts, or you can add a special paragraph at the end, stating why such opinions are wrong. Then, count your haul and summarize everything in a powerful last paragraph that will erase all doubts from the reader’s mind.

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