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Being Single Before College: Why it’s Better than Being in a Relationship?

High School Romance

Okay, being in a relationship may look fantastic when you are single, but surely there is nothing to worry about if you still don’t have your significant other. Being single during your first year of college might be the best thing that could happen to you, really! Here are some reasons to show you that there is nothing bad in being single before college.

Focus on Studying

College is about learning and studying. It’s sad but it’s true. And when your studying sessions are interrupted by constantly blinking phone screen you won’t be able to complete your assignments properly. All your work can be done faster and the better quality when there is nobody around to distract you.


You actually can feel the real college life. You can visit all the parties you want, join as much different clubs as you wish, get to know a lot of new people and hang out with them without feeling guilty about it! Instead of spending your free time with only one person, you can make tons of friends and it’s extremely important for every young individual.

Find a Crush

Among all the people you will meet, there will surely be those who catch your attention more than the others. Being single will give you a good opportunity to flirt or chat with those persons without feeling dishonest towards your boyfriend or girlfriend. Even if you don’t want to jump into a new relationship right away, there is nothing in a small harmless flirtation that can keep you in a good mood.

Create New Stories

College is all about creating memories and stories so that you could have something to remember years from now. And when your grandkids ask you to tell few stories about your crazy student times, you better make up something more impressive than drunken nights or hundreds of A’s as your major pride. While concentrating on only one person you can miss out all the fun of your college life. There are so many activities to try, so many places to visit, so many things to experience! Without a boyfriend or a girlfriend holding you back you can feel free to have so much fun!

Discover Yourself

College is time for every young individual to learn to be responsible, independent, confident, and mature individual. And while it’s cool to have a person you can rely on in different situations, it’s extremely important to learn to rely on yourself. It’s great to be somebody’s girlfriend or boyfriend, but being yourself is much better! So don’t worry about your marital status, there is nothing terrible about being single, on the contrary, it’s necessary and important to experience for every individual during some period of their lives.

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