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How to Bring Work to the End: Tips and Strategies

Do you know such a state, when you need to do something but can’t force yourself even to start? Here there are useful tips that can help you to become a more organized person and execute what you have planned.

Make Lists

Take a pen and piece of paper or find a special program or mobile application and make a list of all things you need to do. Take a break for 10 minutes, relax, as you have already splashed out on paper or screen all the issues that bother you.

Paper with Tasks

Cross out the Unimportant

Go back to the list, read the list again and look at it critically. Will all these books help you in your near future or bring you benefits? If your answer is no, then just cross out this item. Delete cases from the list that are not very important to you at this moment.

"Rule of Two Minutes"

In the time management there is such principle as the "rule of two minutes": you find tasks that will take no more than 3-6 minutes and do them immediately. After that you cross them out from the list. Cleaning the room, washing the dishes, throwing unnecessary things away – all this takes no more than 6 (maximum 15) minutes.

Become a Frenchman – Eat a "Frog"

Highlight in green color all the items in the list that you can’t fulfill because of laziness. These are the most unpleasant things in time management, you put them off often, and they are called "frogs". It is better to "Eat frogs" in the morning and then do more pleasant things.

Praise Yourself

Nothing pleases and inspires as much as the long list of with tasks crossed out. Therefore, when you have completed a new point from the to-do list, cross it out and praise yourself for it. Enthusiasm will increase if after overcoming difficulties you will get promotion: hanging out with friends, interesting activity, candy etc.

Outdoor Activity


Find a few hours once a week or a month and summarize everything what you have already done. You will notice that many of cases were brought to an end. Once again, praise yourself and make a list of new tasks.

I hope this article will help you to become a more organized person, carry out everything what you have conceived and succeed in life. To make your summarizing process easier, there are numerous applications and online services that also have interesting statistics features that you would otherwise have to calculate yourself.

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