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Summer Break: How Different Will It Be After the Graduation?

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You have done it! You are no longer a student. Now you probably realize that you have taken things for granted in college, even considering all the crazy assignments you had, all the sleepless nights, and all the urgent deadlines. The new chapter of your life has brought new problems and things to deal with and you can’t avoid them no matter how hard you try. Everything is about to change, including your summers counting from this one. When temperature begins to rise and beaches begin to get more crowded, something has come to your mind: it’s time to have a summer break but you no longer get the chance to have one…Yes, it’s a sad truth of a mature life which is needed to be accepted. Here are some things you will definitely miss about your college summers:


Probably, it was one of the best parts of the summer breaks. You could sleep in till noon, could stay up the whole night, or could catch a midday nap. Even if you don’t have a job now, you will no longer have such an ability. Your consciousness will be busy and worried about your future which won’t give you a chance to have as peaceful summer as you had while being a student. Even if you have a full-time job and will get an opportunity to have a small vacation, it will still be not as carefree as during the student times so you may say your goodbyes to the past calm summer days.

Friends at Any Time

No, it will get much harder to plan the meeting with your friends as each of you will have different lives from now on. While being students, you had breaks and vacations during the same time so it was easy for you to plan a last-minute meet-up and discuss all the latest news. After college, you will have to put a lot of efforts to gather all of your friends together, there won’t be a possibility to throw an urgent meeting as some of you will have different working hours and others will be busy dealing with different adult problems. But it will make your get-togethers much more special as they will happen more seldom.

Spontaneous Trips

Surely, you will miss the days when you could grab a couple of your close friends and hit the road. New places, new acquaintances, new experiences…yes, college times were full of those. We don’t say you will no longer have road trips with your friends, it’s just that it will be almost impossible to make it a spontaneous journey. Each your getaway will have to be perfectly planned beforehand so all of your friends could take days off and make it work.

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