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Social Network Pages: How to Make Your Account Catchy

Staring on Smartphone

In the modern world people spend each free minute in social networks, especially now, when there are a lot of different formats and resources - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Tumbler, etc. By the way, before you will be hired, your employer will look through your pages first in order to understand what kind of a person you are. Your page helps people to learn a bit about you before the meeting, so you can make your account interesting.


With the appearance of the Internet the concept of copyright has become very blurred. The images are saved without any difficulty, texts are reprinted and sometimes are posted as the own original thoughts. To make your page interesting to watch, you must have an original content. Don’t be afraid of these words: it can be anything you want: pictures, your point of view on some occasion, jokes, music; if you create comics, you may post them as well. Also, you can notice interesting things in the street, like signage boards, advertising, people, landscapes, and blog about them on your page. It is often seen, for example, that some users take the popular bloggers’ video, add to them a few remarks like “Lol, this is so funny, check this out!” and spread it as an own video. This is a banal theft. If you want to share something with friends, better make a repost or give the link.

Reposts and Shares

Sharing interesting info with friends is a good case. Especially if you repost some cool projects or important events, or even funny GIFs with cats. On the other hand, during this sharing, it is important not to overdo it. Bet, you have seen such “original pages”, that are overflowed with the reposts of tasty recipes, funny pictures or philosophical quotes. Believe me, scrolling down these pages is very boring. The personality of the account owner is lost. It is impossible to understand what kind of person you are and it seems that you don’t have your own opinion. Personal page turns into a content aggregator. Then why someone should watch your page with repost, if he can go to Reddit or 9gag, where the content will be the same. If you want your page to be interesting to scroll for longer than 5 seconds, you need to repost only important and interesting info.

Personal Account Header

Variety of Formats

Alternate the different formats. For example, text – photo – news’ repost – text with music – photos with text. This will dilute your page; the visitor will not be bored with same posts. Of course, you may not abide this rule if you make your original content. Although, in this case, it is possible to do an experiment. If you decide to make video reviews on the computer games, you can, for example, post news from this industry with your comments.

Different Topics

Some Instagram profiles, where there are fifteen selfies in a row or fifty pictures with the same location, look very weird and odd. Seeing the same content is very tiring. Even crossfitters alternate the gym photos with tips on proper nutrition. You may note that even artists and video makers’ pages are interesting, although they do the same format of content. The case is in the themes of their content. For example, you can upload only photos on Facebook, but if it's just nature pictures, the visitor will be bored on the twentieth post. Share your pictures from holidays, from student parties, from hiking, post selfies. Just try to make your page less monotonous.

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