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Essay on Advantages of Computer Games

Computer Games

If you are assigned a task where you need to be an advocate for a side of a controversial issue, do not despair. In such case, your task will be to look at the problem from all kinds of angles. Whether you are a rabid fan of virtual realities, or you have never touched a console in your life, you need to learn how to defend a point of view and list the positive aspects of something that may or may not affect your life at all. Here is an example on how to proceed.

Development and Growth

A major pro-argument of video games consists in the fact that they make us develop and grow. While playing a computer game, your memory, your quick reaction, your attentiveness are all key elements that will help you perform better and faster. As a result, the more you play the more you develop and grow, as a gamer and as a person too. Start off your essay with this argument to immediately show the positive aspects of gaming.

Emotional Release

Video games provide an alternative reality where you can release all the suffocated emotions that have stayed a little too long in your mind. For example, when you are stressed because of studying, instead of complaining and winding yourself up, you can shoot some zombies in a video game and immediately feel better. Thankfully, there are all kinds of games ranging from violent to non-violent, adventurous quests, memory games, atmospheric, scary and so on. You could end your paragraph on the emotive side of video games with a statement that rounds up your point of view: comfort for all kinds of life situations can be found by escaping into a different reality.

Aesthetic Pleasure

The third argument that could bring an advantage to the table, is the aesthetic pleasure you can get from some video games. The hard and tireless work of thousands of artists produces massive quantities of high-level games, with breathtaking scenery, well-thought characters, impressive amount of details. From playing video games, one can achieve the same aesthetic pleasure that they get while visiting a museum, except, in video games you can act and create and express your individuality. In brief, the third argument is a creative juxtaposition to the obvious argument that there are educational video games that teach you a lot. The educational side is present in some video games, but the hard-work of artists is in all of them.

Impressive Art

Gamer Community

Another argument to make is the influence the matter has on society. Like all kinds of hobbies, gaming united people. Regardless of age, gender and race, anyone can play video games and find a sense of community and support, a sense of belonging to an immense group of people that like the same games. Community is an important part of socialization and discovering identity, so this aspect should not be undermined.

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