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First Day In a New Group - Survival Guide

It is a great skill to find some common ground with different people, since not everyone is a master of communication and charisma. If you are the only new person in a team, you and your actions are bound to be put under thorough inspection. In other words, no matter what you do, you will draw attention to yourself. Some people may find it irritating or even uncomfortable, and further aggravate the situation by locking up inside their safe space like a snail. Here are a few tips on how to break the shell and make the right first impression.

Be Friendly

First of all, try to appear self-confident. Hold your head up high and avoid fumbling about with your hands. Introduce yourself. Make an effort to talk clearly, so people do not have to ask you to repeat what you have just said. Try to maintain eye contact and smile. In order for your work group not to label you simply as “the new one”, share an impressive fact about yourself. For example, you could say that you play the saxophone, so everyone could associate you with something fun and artistic.

First Day in a Group

Get To Know Your Group

Do not come on too strong, but try to get an impression about each person in the group. Ask them some neutral questions. It will come in handy later, since it is awkward to share a lot of time with people you do not know at all. Try to remember their names, ask to repeat them if you did not hear properly. Also, there is no shame to ask for the spelling, if you encounter an unusual name. This way people will understand that you are making an effort to be a part of their clique, and will certainly be pleased.

Show your Strong Points

Trying to hide your strong features and talents for fear of being judged will not lead to success. The people you encounter are a part of your team now, so they need to know your strengths. For example, if you are good at computers, do not hesitate to mention it too. This way you can be responsible for creating the design of a presentation, and it will be both effective and easier for you, if you really possess this talent. On the other hand, remember that downright bragging is not recommended.

people at computer

Be Yourself

Leaving a good first impression is the goal, but pleasing everyone is a double-edged sword. Even though you might want to blend in quickly, you should not automatically go along with the point of view of others, if you do not support it. If your new classmates share a hatred for a professor that you are not familiar with yet, do not rush to make hasty negative comments about him, cause it may lead to huge trouble! Showing that you can make up your own mind will be a positive feature that states your self-confidence and wisdom.

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