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Freewriting for Beginners as a way to boost your creativity

A great way to find new ideas and journey through unexplored areas of your unconscious, freewriting is a technique known to writers, both amateurs and professionals. Indeed, uninterrupted writing for a fixed period of time can make you realize not only your writing ideas, but also what is lurking about in your subconscious: the things that bother you, your current feelings and mood, your desires and motives. Freewriting is an easy and productive technique to fix the motor of your brain and put it into motion.


Take a piece of paper or create a new file on your computer. Set a timer on your phone, the number could be whatever you want it to be, from five minutes up to twenty, depending on your mood. Ready? Three, two, one, go! Start to write anything that emerges in your brain. Even if it is a boring phrase like “I have nothing to say”, in this case, repeat it as many times as you need until a new idea comes into your thoughts. The important rules are not to stop until the time is up. No one will see your freewriting, so do not be ashamed to share your secrets. Also, any grammar mistakes are allowed. If you stop, the part of your brain responsible for revising will start to operate, and you will not be able to concentrate on developing the ideas that come streaming into your mind. After finishing, take a few minutes to relax, and then go over your paper and underline any ideas that seem interesting or unexpected to you. Inspiration is on the way!



The reasons to start practicing freewriting can be multiple. First of all, it is a scientifically proved technique for overcoming a condition known as writer’s block. It is useful for overcoming a roadblock in your creative writing, as well as finding inspiration for a new project. Generation of ideas, solving business-related problems, developing a thought can all be practiced through this method. And secondly, even if you are not a writer, freewriting can help you find a new path in your life, without giving money to a psychologist. Indeed, some practice it first thing in the morning, and after a week analyze what they have written. Unsurprisingly, it is clear to see what is going on in their life: toxic relationships, self-doubts, secret desires. That is why freewriting is the first step towards self-analysis and changing your life for the better.

analyzing the situation


You might think this exercise is silly, but you will be surprised to find out how many great writers practice freewriting. Natalie Goldberg, Tom Peters, Julia Cameron, Ray Bradbury, Jay Conrad Levinson, Nikolai Gogol, Dorothea Brande have all practiced this method during their work. The great news is, it is incredibly easy and you could be the one to discover the next best idea for a bestseller!

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