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Graduate Recruitment Programs

Student in Office

The Graduate Recruitment Programs provide a rather rigorous selection, but the participation in them will be a good step for the improvement of your career in the corporate world. The purpose of these programs is to detect and develop future leaders. So, the interns will be able to work in the company after the intensive training or project work.

Submission of the Documents

You have to fill the application form, prepare your resume and supporting documents at this stage.

The First Impression

You will have a telephone screening or a short telephone conversation with the representative of the company. It usually lasts no more than 15-20 minutes.


You should fill the online questionnaire (personality or aptitude tests). The Reasoning Ability Tests assess the capability and potential of a person. The personality questionnaire or psychological tests are aimed at identifying your personal inclinations and preferences.

The Assessment Center

This phase occurs directly in the company. Selected candidates have to perform the Casey tasks. These tasks include the group discussion of the problem, then the analysis and presentation of the results. If you take a leading role and coordinate the work of the group, it will be your preference. You will also get a competency interview. The competence is a set of the interrelated skills, knowledge, personal characteristics and attitude to work. All of these factors are manifested in your behavior and determine your success at work.


The interview is an individual conversation with the supervisor. You can also have the panel interviews when there are a few interviewers and one or more candidates.

Job Offer

You should keep in mind that selection process can take from 2 to 6 month, depending on the number of the stages. If you deal with all of the stages, you will get the job of your dream.

What Is Estimated?

Personal Qualities

The employers pay attention to your personal qualities and communicative skills, especially to your talent to convince others. The international companies appreciate curiosity and encourage the movement of the students in other departments, for example, you can be transferred from the marketing department to logistics. In addition, you should have enough motivation, enthusiasm to work and obstinacy to fit into the corporate culture. You have to be active and participate in various projects. In such a way, you will gain the new experience.

Job Skills of the Future

These skills were developed at the World Economic Forum in Davos. There are some main features of the professional in the future. You should have the cross-functionality, which means the ability to work in the border trades. You will not be able to be an expert in one area anymore. You have to be able to work remotely, because a lot of international companies operate online. Self-development is also relevant, especially if you are an IT specialist. Although you have to show the ability to learn throughout your life, if you want to be a professional of the future. You should be “a universal soldier”. This is the person who knows several foreign languages and basics of IT.

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