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Self-Study as an Alternative Future

Person Studying

If you belong to those kinds of students who idly watch teachers trying to tell some new material in class and afterwards you explain your classmates that this information is to be freely found in the web and we are simply wasting our precious time, we must disappoint you - teachers do really teach us better than computer. However, it happens not always.

No single student wants to sit in the classroom listening to boring lectures or paying large amounts of money for the study which does not really differs from digital encyclopedias in network. Also, bearing in mind that fact that today's possibilities of study with an access to the local library and internet are endless, an issue about keeping a teacher and studying in classes began a "hot" topic for discussion.

An Experiment

I remember there were lots of hypothesis of a future education system for next generations but the most popular one was definitely using a computer which projects a video with a teacher conducting a lesson on the screen in a classroom. The video is recorded by the teacher so that they do not have to repeat it over and over again. Also, students sitting in the class are watched with the help of surveillance cameras to monitor the level of attentiveness.

Such method had a chance for living not so long as even the most elementary questions and explanations were pretty hard to explain to a machine. Besides, children felt a lack of communication and even physical presence of a teacher. However, it really helped the teacher to manage a few thigs at once and sparing some time for other school work.

Yet, this theory did not come true and doubtfully will in the nearest time. To understand the issue of studying with and without a teacher, let's observe the prior advantages and disadvantages of both methods.

Self-Study: Yes or No?

Person Studying Alone

Many people ask themselves whether they are capable of self-studying without any teacher or they will lack some kind of motivation. In the recent years, this type of learning has become increasingly big and it still grows. Nevertheless, many people cannot stick only to this type. Why? Let us explain.


  • Saving money. All you need to have is a quiet place to study, an electronic device or access to library and Internet (if needed);
  • Saving time. Any day, any time, only you decide when you want to study. No need to wake up in the early morning as the information will not flee from you;
  • Personal managing of your study process. You study the exact amount of time you find needed for understanding the topic;
  • No concurrence. Nobody will evaluate you level of knowledge, nobody will put you a bad grade and tell you should bring your parents to school next time;
  • Education for all and everyone. Nobody will look at your social background, no preferences for age, sex, interests, only silent indifference of your device.


  • No explanation. Unfortunately, with the luck of having everything in access you may suffer from lack of understanding the tough points and mostly you must research on this special issue by yourself, which takes quite a lot time than asking by the way;
  • Lack of motivation. Who wants to study when a kitchen is five steps away, a cat emergently needs your palming and friends call you to go out?

Teacher Provided Education


  • Personal approach. There are gifted teachers born to carry light and wisdom to the fools. Such teachers will understand your own speed, way of studying and try to help you understand the material quick and equally as other kids;
  • The feeling of belonging to a community. No matter how much we can the school institution, uniforms and other school activities, they have been developed exactly for you to feel a part of some family, other than your real one;
  • Communication. All the peculiarities of connecting with other people, the art of making bets, arguing, discussing will be learned only in interaction with people you spend the most of your childhood years with;
  • Control over your speed of learning. Teachers are triggers that make your study process run faster and they support you when you feel lack of desire. Because "you HAVE to study".


  • Danger of boredom. What can be worse than a boring subject? Exactly, a boring teacher! Sometimes for some reason known only to them teachers do not want to get involved into the subject completely, therefore, no drop of interest evokes in students' hearts too;
  • Individual prejudice. If there is a risk that you will be studying a bit less than other students and consequently be weaker in results, no good attitude from a teacher can be gotten (at least not from the one I have got when being at school).

Making First Steps in Self-Studying


If you already decided to try your luck in teaching by yourself, we will be glad to give you some precious tips to make your study process truly enchanting.

  1. Plan your study process in steps. It must have the beginning and the end as well. Only in that way you will see the real use and result of your hard work. Put some limitations till which you should have finished with one part of studying a subject and bear it in mind as a deadline.
  2. Have your learning style. As you are studying on your own, here is a range of possibilities to combine different types without being scolded by your teacher or reading a humdrum book. You may watch a film on the event you are learning or look through various YouTube videos.
  3. Change place of study if needed. Some people can concentrate when being only at a specific place in the specific time. Others need some alternations to feel more motivated, either cafe or sports stadium. The most important is that you feel comfortable wherever you are.
  4. Learn everywhere. Got another 15 minutes standing in a queue? It is time to learn! Unlike classes at school where you have to be physically presented this method is great for those constantly being in a rush: just download videos from online courses on your phone and enjoy spending time with pleasure and profitable.

There is a discrepancy between subjects that can be learnt with a teacher and those having no need in additional explanation. Sometimes you need a complementary tool to be back to dive into work again. There is no need in choosing only one method of studying.

The scientists have proved that combining different ways of studying is the most effective way to success in it. Nevertheless, if you anytime feel like not coping with the amount of work needed to be done, just contact our best paper writing service and we will gladly help you with your homework. No need to suffer from study, make this process as enjoyable as possible!

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