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Quantity vs. Quality in Student Life

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In our every day lives, we often cannot find the best balance between quantity and quality. Especially this can concern our student lives. There are many of us, who prefer quantitative work, and then are disappointed that they cannot produce something of higher quality. On the other hand, some students can write brilliant essays, but the workload at college and the lack of time forces them to resort to services online like and pay for essays. How to find the perfect balance between the first and second aspects of your student life? This essay will deal exactly with this issue.

When Does Quantity Work?

Even though some may feel like we should not waste time on chasing deadlines, checking all the items in our to do lists and making sure to reach the goal no matter the efficacy of it, here are some cases when quantity work matters. Pay attention to the points below.

Making Yourself Work

A lot of students have trouble attending lectures. Sometimes, they are bored, other times they are distracted by countless projects, or just too lazy to get up early to attend a class. However, the same students will regret it immensely, if they realize they missed half of the material necessary to understand the rest of the course or if the attendance influences the grade. Chasing after quantity in such cases will make life easier for you in the future.

Motivating Yourself

Work Out

It is not a secret that productivity feels good. When we manage to accomplish some tasks, we will feel better and suddenly find the desire to study further and for our own enjoyment. You have probably noticed that it is a titan’s task to make yourself go to the gym, however, once you are there and in the middle of a work out, you might feel like you are actually enjoying yourself and want to exercise more. The same principle works for your school projects. If you start with doing something small, the rest will go easier with time.

Finding What You Like

If you only do calculus homework, because you enjoy it, and neglect reading or presentations, you might miss something great that you actually would have liked. When you are a freshman, trying out different courses, applying to lectures and visiting social events, as in, chasing after quantity, will make you see what you actually like and widen your range. It will be easier to choose the things that you would like to study deeper, or the people with whom you would like to socialize more in the future.

Focusing on the Result


When you have a specific amount of work to do, it is easier for you to plan it and it will bring you closer to the result. Quantity work allows you to do just that. Even if it is not perfect, you can still do it all, and that gives you a certain freedom and the sense of productivity. Keep in mind that it is better to do at least something, than do nothing at all, for the fear of it turning out not perfect.

When Does Quality Work?

Even though some people feel like focusing only on making something perfect will make you miss deadlines and opportunities and lower your productivity, here are some valuable points to consider when choosing to do quality work.

Realizing Your Potential

If you decide to give your all to an essay to make it perfect, there is nothing wrong with that. In some cases you can get a lot more benefits from writing a single essay well throughout the term, than write a few mediocre ones. By doing quality work, you will see how high you can reach, and see your secret potential. Your deep understanding of the project and focus will take you a step closer to realizing what you are capable of.

Taking the Best

Focusing on the quality will allow you to take only the best from your student life. You will not waste time on courses you do not need, or on information that is not directly related to your object of interest. The same concerns your social contacts too. Some people are more inclined to have a tight-knit group of friends that they can rely on, than a wide range of feeble connections. Quality will give you more time to be yourself and gain more profit.

Reach New Highs

Backpacker Mountain

Becoming a specialist in your field is no easy task. If you will strive to reach the top in your field, you will simply have no time to waste on meaningless tasks or other interests. Focusing on making your work a qualitative one will allow you to reach new highs quicker, and you will see your progress in no time.

Focusing on the Process

As you may have guessed already, focusing on the quality means taking in account the process prior to all. Enjoy the process and you will become a high-esteemed student.

If you still do not know which is best for you, you can read further here.

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