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Essay About the Wage Gap: State the Facts

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If you are concerned with equality, if you are interested in gender studies, if you value justice most of all, even if you just need to write a school essay to get a credit, the topic of the wage gap prepared by can become a perfect one for your work. Sometimes your professors need you to analyze a certain social issue. It may be harder to do, as it will require a specific type of research, gathering evidence and getting your persuasive arguments out. This essay can reward you with specific knowledge that you can use in debates and with the awareness that change starts with you. Here is an article that can guide you through your essay.

General Structure

Before actually putting down your thoughts, consider the structure of your paper. As if you are building a house, pay attention to the foundation, the position of the supporting walls, the roof. The interior design is just as important. That is why, please take the following tips into consideration.

State the Problem

Interrogative Mark

Despite the issue being stated loud and clear in many newspapers and articles, some people are still blissfully ignorant of its existence, claiming that the sexism in the workplace is not real. First of all, you must describe the problem like you would to someone who is not familiar with it. What is the root of the problem? Pay attention to the fact that the wage gap is a reality not only for white men and white women, but it badly affects black and Latina women. Underline the thought that the pay in unequal for professionals, who have the same skills and are doing the same job. Here you can read further on the topic.

Reference Reliable Sources

Any statement needs proof. Anyone can make facts up, but if you provide reliable links to official documents, articles of verified internet webpages or clear statistics, no one will blame you for making the information up. Additionally, a source is an excellent argument in favor of giving you a better grade: it shows that you were diligent and made a lot of efforts to produce an essay of higher quality.

Illustrate by Providing Examples

Diagrams Tables

Nothing strikes as close to home as examples of the phenomena from real life. If you can get reliable information about getting discriminated against in the work place, with the backstories of the women who suffered from it, you are surely going to get extra points for your efforts. It may be hard to do on your own, so instead you can look for numerous statistics and researches that were carried out before your work.

Describe Effects

Some people may argue that getting just 88 cents instead of a dollar is not that big of a deal. However, in order to persuade them that it is actually an acute problem, you could describe the effects of such a discrimination. For example, a single mother will get less money to take care of her children, and it can badly affect the economic situation in the household, leading to worse education and malnutrition.

Compare to Other Countries

To liven up your essay and give hope to your readers, you could compare the situation with other countries. Some may have more open-minded policies and are equality-oriented. List them, provide illustrative examples and describe why and how can your country follow that example. Other countries may not have rights for women in the workplace, and you could also mention them for the sake of comparison.

Propose Practical Solutions

An essay is not complete without your vision of the future. Imagine you are an influential politician holding the reins of power in your hands. How would you improve the situation and get effective results? What would you do to ensure and guarantee the best for workers regardless of their gender? If you cannot think of solutions, consult some articles online and state whether you agree with those proposals.

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If you are tired and cannot do a proper job, maybe, it is time to loosen up a little. Putting too much pressure on yourself can result in badly done meaningless work. If your life is a bit hectic right now, and you could use a helping hand, please, contact us and our experts will be happy to compose a brilliant essay for you that will surely impress your teacher.

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