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Resolve and Avoid Conflicts at College

Harmonious World

A big part of growing up and becoming a responsible adult is the ability to resolve different kinds of conflicts. If you are a very flexible person who can influence other people’s actions and thoughts, you will go far in life. However, there are some tricks and hints that everyone should know in order to make life’s experiences less stressful. A conflict is the inability to agree on something, the clash of interests, opinions, ways of dealing with the world. You may be good at writing a non-plagiarized essay or memorizing tough formulas, but without the skill of resolving conflicts, it will be quite difficult for you to survive college. That is why writers from have compiled some ways of dealing with them: resolving or avoiding conflicts with style.


There are bound to be clashes of opinions between you and your groupmates. Even though you are all young people, who share the problems of the whole generation, it is practically impossible to agree on everything with a whole group of people at once. At the same time, your interests may suffer, if you try to be languid with everyone, so here is how to deal with these hypothetical conflicts.


There may be times when you notice that a classmate is cheating from you. They may look into your paper for answers during a test, or ask you to show them your homework and then plagiarize whole paragraphs from it. This is a truly unpleasant situation, and many shy students suffer greatly when they cannot refuse a classmate some “help” with their homework or test. In such case, you need to realize that your intellectual work is worth it, and you should not agree with blatant stealing. If the situation allows, explain your classmate that you have worked hard on learning the material, and that he should do the same. If you cannot talk to them frankly, avoid them and stop replying to their messages. It is not rude, but a way of cultivating self-respect.


A problem that arises mostly in high school, when children are still clueless and cruel with each other, bullying is something that cannot be tolerated. Even though many schools have a non-bullying policy now, it is sometimes hard to detect such a problem, because the victim can be too scared to call the bully out on their behavior. If you cannot resort to the help of a teacher or another classmate, find out the reasons why the bully has targeted you. Often bullies choose easy targets, that have self-esteem issues or lack of support. Work on yourself and get some allies in order to defeat your bully once and for all. Remember, that you are worth it and you can do it, because you are much more kinder and smarter than them. The important thing is to believe in yourself!


Sometimes, students suffer from inadequate behavior of teachers. Sure, teachers should be professionals, however our world is far from ideal. For example, many students suffer from teachers who yell a lot. Here is how to deal with them. In this article, we tried to compile other widespread examples of irritating behavior and how to deal with it to avoid conflicts.

Strict Teachers

Are you acquainted with the feeling of trying very hard and still not succeeding? There is a kind of teacher who is very demanding to students, and makes them study really hard with little reward. Students may suffer from anxiety and stress just from the fact that they have to deal with such a teacher on a daily basis. If nothing you do alleviates this stress, remember that this teacher is also a human being, with their own troubles and worries. A great method is imagining them doing their shopping, taking a bath or watching television just like any other person. Try it and see if it works for you!

Targeting Hawks

Some teachers like to discern a student in the class and target them all the time. You can become a punchline in their jokes or the constant point of reference when it comes to resolving questions. If this annoys you, you can always ask your teacher to stop such a behavior and explain the reasons of your distress. In case you would rather not bring this up, make sure to stop attracting the unnecessary attention, and hopefully, your teacher will stop bringing the attention of the class to you.

Teacher’s Pet

Dog on Leash

Some students may become irritating to their classmates, because they try to become the teacher’s favorite in order to get good grades. When a teacher provokes such a behavior, it may cause tensions and conflicts in a class. That is why it is important from the viewpoint of a teacher to treat everyone equally. However, it is not always possible. To avoid such a situation, you should never approach your teacher with more enthusiasm than necessary, and concentrate on the material more. You will get your good grade for your excellent knowledge anyway. If someone else has become the teacher’s pet and it irritates you, do not try to compete with them. Calmly learn the material and show that you can be rewarded for your knowledge without resorting to backhand methods.

Study Group

Study Group

Another common type of conflict happens in study groups. Often, teachers divide students into groups with the purpose to make them cooperate and find out how well they can deal with others. Not everyone can study in groups successfully, and that leads to severe troubles. In order to avoid them, you should make sure that your tasks are clear, and they are divided equally among the group. Even if you are not the leader, make sure that everyone understands their function in the group.

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