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Reading: The Best Occupation. How to Master Fast Reading?

Reading in Park

Some say they hate reading, as it is associated with boring routine like essay writing. However, reading is not only about studying, as the imaginary world of books hides treasures you will not be able to find anywhere else, no matter how hard you try. Why is reading useful? Learn it at

  1. 1. It Increases the Level of Tolerance

    Belles-lettres, novels, memoirs and satirical pieces of writing help people to be more humane. Any of this types of reading raises the level of sympathy, makes us more sensitive and keen in our relations with other people.

    Belles-lettres constructs situations which can happen to us in real life. That is why it is so popular among people and finds the ways to a reader’s heart. When we are reading some literature work we unconsciously let everything pass through ourselves, like everything that happens to the main characters and their thoughts, and begin to think what we would do or feel if we were in their shoes. It helps to grow our social luggage and to understand those people who have a different experience than we do.

    What is artistic work, whether it is a book, a film or theater play? It is a fragment of stranger's consciousness which seems to be given from one mind to other. Every work of art enriches our social experience and helps us to understand others better. When you are reading a book or watching some TV series the feeling is as if you are living hundreds of lives. It is a breathtaking feeling.

    Moreover, literature has positive influence on our brain and develops our imagination. Some writers even leave some incompleteness in their stories, waiting for the reader to sort everything out and imagine the end by himself.

  2. 2. It Develops the Flexibility of Thinking

    Poetry makes us think deeper. It raises the flexibility of thinking by its way of challenging the reader. Poems consist of a lot of metaphors and allegories. They force the readers to pay more attention to details and meanings the author hides behind certain words.

    The great and long experience of reading poetry leaves its mark on readers’ personalities. Habitual models of behavior begin to change and the person can be opened to something new and deeper. Moreover, poems help to deal with depression.

    People who read poetry are getting used to rethink the words, notice uncertain references and pay attention to small details and half-tones. When we are reading poetry, we can gain skills in expressing our thoughts better, analyzing people's behavior, adapting to circumstances and having a more conscious vision of the problems which appear during the lifetime.

    Book and Park
  3. 3. It Raises the Level of Creativity

    The process of reading is often connected with the rise of creativity level. It is proved that people who read regularly are less conservative and do not feel awkward because of certain ambiguities. They are more creative and free.

    Equivocal nature of belles-lettres encourages people to make untypical decisions and observe the situation from a little bit different point of view. This is the key to creativity. When we are examining different variants of development of certain event, we are more likely to see new possibilities and ways of solving the existing problem.

But It Is Time-Consuming!

It is true, that reading takes a lot of time some people do not possess. This is why we have added a few tips on how to practice fast reading and do more during a shorter period of time.

Dealing with Regression

One of the biggest enemies of fast reading is regression. It is the situation when a person comes back to what they have just read in the process. The reasons of this are fragments which are hard to understand and a low level of attention. That is why the reader keeps on reading the same sentences trying to understand them. On one hand, this reaction is justified. On the other hand, the reader is getting used to coming back to what they have read so much that they keep on doing it even when it is not necessary.

Bookmarks and "Windows"

One of the golden rules of fast reading is that you should never ever "jump" through the text while reading it. Isn’t it familiar to you? When you see unintelligible information in the text, you start to read the sentence over and over again in order to understand it. After you understood it (or not) you return to your reading and you notice that you could have just wait till the end of the paragraph where all the unintelligible information starts being clear and understandable. In order to quit this bad habit, find a bookmark. Its width should be the same as the size of the line in text. Just cover the part which was read using this bookmark in the process. In order to not re-read the big pieces of text use "window". Take the piece of paper (its size should be equal to the half of the text). Cut a small "window" on the right side. It should be as high as the width of the line and as long as the word (7-10 letters). You should use it in the same way as the bookmark.

Helpful Butterfly

One more important skill for the person who wants to read fast is to get as much useful information from the text as possible. In order to do so, specialists invented a special algorithm thanks to which reading becomes more effective. They say that perceiving of the text should be divided into such units: name, author, source, topic, facts, novelty of the material and also critics (those moments in text which seem controversial to you). While reading a text you should "filter" only the information which is needed to fulfill these units. Of course, at the beginning it won't be easy to keep their names in mind. That is why you can visualize them in order to remember them better. For example, you can draw a butterfly on the piece of paper. Its head is the name, author and the source, its body is topic, the left wing is facts, the right one is novelty, and the surrounding space is critics.

Painted Butterfly

After that you should take text and read it three times. After each reading you should write down the information for every element of the butterfly. The first time is a preparation to deep reading, that is why make a cursory inspection of it trying only to grasp the main sense. The second time read attentively and take as much information as you can. The third time is needed for you to make sure that nothing was missed. After several trainings your brain will get used to the above algorithm.

These are just a few welcoming tips on how to read fast no matter if you are reading for studying purposes of for fun.

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