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Social Inequality Examples

Woman in Politics

This act occurs every day among the whole world both in developed and poor countries and everyone may become a victim of it. Moreover, we can say an average person at least once at his or her life has become a victim of such kind of discrimination. Still no one knows how to fight against it fully. You will find several examples of social inequality in this article.


Despite nowadays both genders’ having the similar rights and freedoms in democratic countries, in undeveloped or conservative places women still suffer from discrimination in all fields of activities. This phenomenon is called sexism. It usually occurs in the political sphere. Society, of course, has many examples of strong women who were fighting for their rights, but it is rather an exception than a rule. In many other fields, it is also considered that man is one who can make decision and woman should obey. In plenty of Arabian countries, girls still have no freedom to choose whom to marry, to get a job or do anything without a permission of husband or father.


It is widely spread among the whole planet. Nevertheless, people now are less humiliated because of skin color or eyes shape, the problem still exists even in rich modern countries such as the USA. Mexicans, Hispanics, Afro-Americans are suffering from such kind of inequality, they meet with troubles while getting a job, housing, entering the school or even just visiting a shop. Plenty of stereotypes and prejudgments exist based on the ethnic identity.


It is maybe the most violent one because people get humiliated and discriminated on the basis of illnesses. The community can show disgust or distaste while seeing cripples. Invalids may be forbidden to enter clubs, cafes, entertaining centers and so on by security. The only way to fight against such kind of inequality is educating people and develop sympathy and compassion in them.

Person on Wheelchair


Sometimes, people are discriminated because of their age. They are divided into different groups, and each one has its stereotypes and prejudgments. For example, children under certain age are not allowed to visit several performances, concerts and so on. On one hand, it may be right because the show is brutal or inadmissible for kids. However, there are situations while teens are discriminated because of their age unfairly. What’s more, elder people suffer from it as well. It is hard for one who is over 35 or 40 to get a job because an employer, as a rule, prefers to hire the young people, who are ready to develop and have enough strength to work hard. There is also a great amount of stereotypes that old people are slow, clumsy and have worse results while working.

To sum up, all these types of inequality are unfair and must be removed. However, it is not that easy to prevent such acts of discrimination as first of all people’s mentality has to be changed. At an early age, kids should be taught that everyone has equal rights and freedoms, and those don’t depend on the age, gender, race or health state. That way the community will become stronger and healthier; the number of conflicts will decrease.

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