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Skype Job Interview: Hints to Pass It

Skype Conversation

Do you remember the movie “Un in the Air”? The main hero was getting thousands of dollars to travel around the world and fire the workers of the companies, who hired him. In the real life (as well as at the end of the film) a new way has been introduced: hiring and firing people through Skype conversations. As students are often part-time workers or at least are willing to become ones, they should know how to get ready for a successful job interview through Skype.

A Common Thing

An online job interview is a common thing in the USA and in Asian countries. This can be explained by the distant location of regions from Europe, which has a lot of job opportunities. The willingness to save money is also a factor. Estonians, who have introduced a quite useful program, have saved billions.

Who Offers?

The Skype job interviews are usually experienced by the big and international companies. You will not communicate with the directors, but with the specially hired personnel, i.e. HR experts. The Skype interviews are also required for the university/college application. Remember that being invited for a Skype interview is a great sign since usually, this is a last stage of the application approval, meaning that you are among favorites.

What Time to Choose?

Time Scheduled

Usually, the time is set by the party, which requires you to pass the interview. Sometimes, they may ask you when you are available for the interview. If this is an international company or university, they will adjust to your opportunities for sure. Less often you will be suggested to set the time. In such case, psychologists recommend the best time for a job interview to be 10:30 am. The time before noon is claimed to be the best appropriate for interviews and other official talks, so 10:30 is the best time, since it is not a morning any more, but not yet a noon.

Skype VS Personal Meeting

The most people prefer a phone talk as a format of the job interview. Such a practice is not often experienced since it is impossible to evaluate the applicant’s behavior and reaction. The main difference between a Skype and personal job interview lies in psychological aspect. The feeling that this is not the last conversation creates a calming background. Another plus is that you can see your own face during the Skype conversation, so you can evaluate your reaction. This makes a Skype interview the best way.

You Will Not Get a Call

A big plus of a Skype conversation is that you will most likely get the result right away. For example, this is how the application to international educational institutes work. However, things may be different concerning international companies. You may here the end phrases like “We will inform you” or “Thank you for your time”, so you will get the results by e-mail in most of the cases.

The modern market becomes more and more online based, so do not be afraid to keep abreast of this!

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