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Raising Authenticity of Your Paper, Hints and Tricks

100% Originality

Have you ever heard a teacher in the class telling that if anyone brings a plagiarized material form the internet will be immediately disqualified? Or that nobody has to copy any content and bring only their own thoughts in a piece of paper?

Well, you will say, this all is cool, but how do I write a fully original content if the task is to make it scientific and put into a few pages of a research paper? The answer is: do not worry, we will help you!

We completely understand your situation and how difficult it may be to meet all the requirements of the professor, write it on the humdrum topic and make it even original! It is not the best task to do in the world and you will have to work hard for a few days on it, however, with our tips and tricks the writing process will go much easier and your creative writing skills will be definitely boosted.

Why Is an Authentic Content Important?

World of Goods

Everybody wants to be unique. No matter who you want to have as a role model, when time comes you definitely realize that it is your high time to make first step towards your own development as a personality who has what to say. But imagine, if you were only copying some content of another owner but never created anything. Would this world function as before? Who would develop new ideas and discover new knowledge? We are pretty sure you also want to be among those people who possess a unique ability to create.

Refreshing the same concepts over and over again is not a way out. It only hashes the main notion that is to be said a few years ago, but constantly plagiarized by thousands of lazy people.

A solution? Ask your professor for a freedom in choosing the topic you really LIKE or want to investigate. If they give you the theme that has been written about over a dozen of times, kindly ask them what content you can write on it if it was written over thousands of times already. Therefore, politely state that you may narrow it or extend it to have a fresh flow into the outdated content.

Inquire whether you are able to go a bit another direction and choose something close but not exactly the same which was said already. And one more piece of advice, have an obsession with writing and the field you are writing about. Love what you do. You can entertain yourself when writing a new content which is not investigated much yet and become a pioneer in this field!

Ways to Make Your Paper Truly Original

Unique Flower

If you do not want to have another paper downloaded from the Internet space bear in mind some of these tips in order to not be ashamed of your own paper in the class.

  • Use paper materials as much as possible. It will be the best way to avoid any case of detecting a copied material. The best way will be to find a non-digital paper (book, magazine, articles in newspapers, research journals etc.) and use them as a main source for your writing a paper;
  • Separate copied sentences with own words. When having no other choice but to insert some material from the web, do it wisely. A copied sentence (better a rephrased one) and two written from scratch make together a nice collaboration and have an image of plagiarizing less noticeable;
  • Invite friends in your writing process. Of course, if they want to. In that case, you will be a successful owner of at least two different minds with two as more new thoughts, so the chances rise as well. A fresh perspective is always better than stable-stated word expressions and ideas;
  • When speaking about an essay you have a prerogative – avoid stable word expressions. If all papers in your institution are being checked by a plagiarism system, this scheme will help you to raise your authenticity. Use some new (but logical) word expressions and sentences that correlate with the topic of your essay;
  • Use thesaurus to add new terms and definitions to your paper. When you have too many common words, the style of every paper has a capacity to fall down. Therefore, try to substitute common and ordinary words for more academic and even scientific ones, depending on the type of your paper;
  • Add your own opinion. Some students are scared to death when it comes to writing from their head. Either they feel themselves not good enough for such an honorable action or they are just convinced that there is nothing better than the words of some scientist said a few years ago, and nobody is able to say it better. Develop a new notion! Compose a brand-new theory. Have your own hypothesis, have doubts in old ones, we all are people and we can be mistaken but we also can try.

We want to contradict this foolish myth. You can and must write it from yourself. Yes, there are some aspects you are not able to compose without having a degree in that field but when it comes to providing a conclusion based on the evidence, here is the time you should take a microphone and speak. Nevertheless, a good composed, well-structured flow of thinking is highly recommended rather than simple slang and contaminating words.

Nevertheless, if you do not feel like wasting your time on writing a paper, just leave it to us! We create only non-plagiarized essay at for you to have 100% confidence in the originality of your paper! Do not hesitate to contact our writing service and you will be pleasantly surprised with the quality of our help!

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