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English Problems: Identification and Solution


Now the study of English is gaining popularity every day, as it is international and there are people speaking it in every country. It solves many problems, you can read about it here. Despite this prevalence, it is not uncommon that a number of problems arise, which is not easy to cope with.

What Difficulties Can Arise?

It is important to note the fact that in 50% of cases when there are difficulties in learning some language, there is a fault not of the student but of the teacher. There are 5 major problems that you have to deal with when learning English, which you should read before the beginning of classes so as not to face them personally.

  1. With too much self-criticism, many students literally stymie themselves as they set a goal that is very difficult to achieve for the beginner. Teachers often meet those wards who initially strive to learn not only the basics of the English language for the minimum time, but everything that can only be associated with it. For example, they set the goal to learn how to correctly write, pronounce words and speak without problems with an accent. In practice, this is the main difficulty since it is impossible to carry out the unrealizable, which leads to the student's disappointment and refusal to continue the studies;
  2. The second most popular mistake of many people is that they think in their native tongue and translate English words orally or so to say in the mind. In other words, while simultaneously translating English sentences into the mind, and simultaneously transforming them into logically interconnected phrases, they not only create a very large load to the brain, but also violate the correct understanding of the text being studied. The consequence of this error is the appearance of problems in reading and communicating as well as improper translation. That is why working with English, one must strive to think in it, which is much easier for children. They just learn to speak and it is easier for them to learn to think in different tongues without knowing the rules and laws prescribed in the textbooks;
  3. A very big mistake is incorrect pronunciation, which is caused by the choice of an illiterate teacher. Nowadays it is rare enough to find a teacher who does not just know the basics of English and can teach it, but also talks without an accent that affects the quality of teaching and perception of the given data. This problem is very serious, but it leads to the fact that the student will misunderstand the speech when communicating with foreigners;
  4. The fourth most popular mistake is the choice of an unprofessional teacher from the teaching point of view. In other words, there are professors who, at an early stage, begin to divide their wards into those who are supposedly gifted with English, and others should not even begin to study it. As scientific research has proved, there is not a single person on the planet who would not have had the opportunity to learn another tongue other than the native one, and so if this situation arises, then it is worth changing the teacher;
  5. The fifth mistake can be called the presence of too much attention to grammar. If you remember the lessons in English at school, it was with grammar that a lot of difficulties arose. The problem is that at one time a student is given a lot of rules and complex grammatical laws that are not understood and not captured by the brain. At school, teachers require to teach these rules, but in general, only 1 child out of 20 can understand what he or she studies. The scientists found out that if you study English just like your native tongue, that is, by sounds and by ear, then you can achieve a higher result in this way.

A Matrix Way of Learning English Will Help You Avoid Mistakes

Today, the most popular method of learning English is the matrix method, which is not only recognized as effective but is used universally. The peculiarity of the method is that, when using it, all the above errors can be avoided, and also working with it, practically no difficulties arise for either the teachers or the students.

The essence of the technique is that a person initially learns the perception of the tongue by ear, for which the program with dialogues and texts in English is auditioned, which the method developer called the matrix.

The program was created using special modern technologies, and the records were created by those for whom English is native. Just so a person who listens to them gets the opportunity to learn pronunciation from real English-speaking people and avoid mistakes. The program has special classes on listening, during which the student should speak several times for the announcer.

It is in this way that those who want to learn English competently and without errors gradually penetrate the tongue just like little children who are just learning to talk. In other words, you do not need to load the brain with excessive rules, grammatical tasks, and similar difficulties. It is impossible to learn all the words of English and become that very real Englishman, and therefore one must choose the variant that is simpler and more understandable.

Experts called the matrix methodology of studying English a real breakthrough since its basis lies in the impact on the human subconscious, during which the automatic introduction of various rules for pronunciation and understanding without difficulties takes place. This program has become and still is the real salvation of those who want to learn the basics of another tongue, but either experience difficulties in learning or cannot find a competent professor.

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