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Five Funny English Idioms About Hair


It would seem, what idioms with hair there can be a speech about. This word is not even the most used in its original meaning. However, there are such idioms and we begin to consider them. They can be very useful for enriching your English. They can be used not only for everyday communication but also in compositions and essays. You can learn more at

Let Down One's Hair

This idiom will be surely appreciated by girls, especially by those who have long hair and like to make beautiful hairstyles. No words – a good hairstyle decorates a person, but sometimes you want to untwine braids, remove hair clips, shake your hair and relax. Here is the expression let down one`s hair, which means – to relax, stop worrying, begin to behave naturally.

It seems that this study has made you very tired. I suggest going to the theater and letting your hair down.

Split Hairs

Do not be frightened that the plural of the word hair is used in this idiom. If you have any questions about this, then we remind: if we talk about all the hair on the head – we use hair, if we talk about individual hairs that can really be counted – we use hairs.

The idiom split hairs has nothing in common with split ends and nutritious shampoos helping them. It means "arguing about something insignificant, making unnecessary differences". You can talk to the interlocutor in this way if he/she starts to lead the dispute into an unnecessary channel. For example, if a girl, in response to the fact that she was late for forty-five minutes, begins to prove that she was late for only forty minutes – she is exactly splitting hairs.

But why then "to dissect hairs"? The fact is that it is very difficult to cut hair along – it is very small. So it is with an unnecessary dispute, it is needless to find out the difference where it makes no sense.

Why did not you answer my message? I sent you ten ones. – Actually, there were only seven messages. – Stop splitting hairs. I received a delivery report, but you did not respond to any one.

Get in/out of One's Hair

One of the most unpleasant things for owners of long hair is when something falls in this hair (bur, for example). It is with such a nuisance that the next idiom is connected –get in someone's hair. You can describe an annoying person or thing this way. Accordingly, finally to get rid of annoying trouble –get something/someone out of one's hair.

This fellow traveler really got into my hair with those idiotic anecdotes. I just wanted to quietly read and get it out of my hair.

Bad Hair Day

Sometimes it happens that, waking up in the morning and trying to make a good hairstyle, you realize that nothing good happens. This is how the expression bad hair day appeared. The true is that it is not about the hairstyle only. Bad hair day this is when the work goes badly, you cannot do anything right and there are hard lines in general.

Today I was fined for allegedly free travel on the bus because I just lost a ticket. And then I just lost the purse. It is the bad hair day, isn’t it?

The Hair of the Dog

It is not about dog’s fur. It makes no sense to try to guess the meaning of this expression, relying on logic. This is probably the most curious expression of today's collection. Dog's hair is alcohol, which must be drunk in the morning to get rid of a hangover.

The full version of this expression looks like the hair of the dog that bit you. Such a strange expression came from Scotland centuries ago it was widely believed that in order to cure a mad dog bite, you need to put a few hairs of the guilty dog on the wound. We warn you do not try to use this recipe in life: firstly, it is dangerous to run after a mad dog, trying to snatch a hair, secondly, this method does not stand up to any criticism from a medical point of view.

But back to the dog's hair. After a while, the expression began to apply to alcoholic hangovers, because, in fact, unlike the Scottish treatment of canine bites, a little alcohol in the morning really helps if it does not become the beginning of a new day off.

Is this morning? It rather seems to me that this morning is in hell. Give me some hair of the dog, I want to see the light again.

More interesting idioms connected with hair can be found here.

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