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How to Improve Productivity at Work?

At the Office

It is not a secret that many students combine their studying with a part-time job. Sometimes, they are successful in both fields. Sometimes, their marks at college or school become worse. However, in most cases, productivity at work suffers because a young person cannot concentrate on it and thinks about studying tasks all the time. If you are in such a situation, it will mean you have to take a break. This is the first thing a person should do instead of burying himself or herself in the papers and feel a constant tiredness and stress. Your work has to bring good results or your boss will be unsatisfied and may even fire you. Nevertheless, it is quite hard to be productive at your workplace, especially when you are a college student. Our team compiled some useful tips to make this task easier for you.

Manage Your Time

This is the main thing you should do to get a better productivity at your workplace. Sure, it is complicated to combine even a part-time job and studying. It demands an accurate time planning. You should constantly try to find more ways to organize your schedule in a better way and add more breaks. For example, it will greatly economize your time, if you order your college essay on a specific essay writing service like You will save several hours, instead of spending them on doing your homework. In such a way, it is possible to do more tasks at your work and be praised by the company’s boss.

Take Some Breaks

Person Relaxing

Remember that without breaks during your work, it will be impossible to stay concentrated and focused on your tasks. In this way, you will do a certain job much longer, as your organism is tired and stressed. It is much more beneficial to add plenty of breaks to your daily schedule. They should not be long: 10 minutes is enough to eat some snacks and boost your energy. This is a vital part of work and will be very useful for your productivity. You should give your brain some time to relax. This way, you can select some days and free them from work or studying altogether.

Set Correct Priorities

Sometimes, young people fail their tasks at work because they start doing everything at the same time and, as a result, cannot finish anything on time. None of the employers like when workers break deadlines. So, it is necessary to set the correct priorities. Just decide which one of your current tasks is more important and work on it at first. It is useful both at work and college.

Clean Your Workspace

Clean Desk

This is a key to success both in studying and work. You cannot be productive and reach goals quickly with a dirty workplace. Put every single thing at the right place and make your desk clean from unnecessary papers. Lots of unwanted things distract your attention and you cannot deal with the simplest tasks. Do not ignore this rule: it takes several minutes, but you will get an opportunity to find documents faster and reduce the panic because of the possibility that something important could get lost. This is especially important for office workers.

Spend Less Time Online

To be a productive employee, you have to reduce the wasted time from your life: for example, spend less time watching too many TV programs or checking your messages every single minute. However, the most dangerous of them is the Internet and social networks. Young people can surf through the webpages for hours. Sometimes, they may spend the whole day online and feel emptiness without the internet connection. It distracts a student’s attention greatly and he or she is not able to study or work with a good productivity. So, it is better to cut down the time, that you spend on the internet.

Select The Right Time

Sometimes, the best time for work depends on the person’s mood and specialties. Students may be more productive in the morning or evening. During a certain part of a day, they are able to work better and do lots of tasks. So, you have to select the right time for doing your job. It is good, if your employer offers you a flexible schedule. In such a case, you have to work during the most productive hours and choose some time for relaxation as well.

Say “No”

People Communicating

For many people, giving a negative response can be a truly hard task. That is why they usually suffer from the lack of time and bad productivity at work. You cannot help everyone. Moreover, some people may try to use you and economize their own time and efforts. You should prevent such cases and understand that you have some necessary things to do instead of supporting false friends. Learn how to say “No” and you will see how much better your life becomes: more time and power to complete your work appear. It does not break any moral statements, but saves your body from tiredness and stress. Pay attention to your own work first of all.

Give Yourself Rewards

It is a good idea to set some small goals and reward yourself after reaching each of them. It will motivate you to work even better and greatly improve. However, avoid setting unrealistic targets or goals, which demand a lot of time to reach them. Remember: your own results are the best thing to make you work harder. It is much better than someone else’s example.

All in all, in this article we tried to compile some of the major tips for improving work productivity and combining a part-time job with your college education successfully. All of them were tested by hundreds of students, which proved that these hints are truly useful. Hopefully, you will get some benefits from this article as well. Sure, working and studying at the same time is hard. However, it gives a lot of living experience and prepares a young person to the adulthood.

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