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Interesting Expressions Involving Animals


Idioms are vivid expressions that make speech lively and expressive. How to remember and study them? It is very simple – using the method of associations. This is a very famous method, which we often use in writing essays and other works, make sure of this by placing an order on And today we will be engaged in associations with animals that will make the process of memorizing new expressions even more interesting and exciting.

Why Does No One Write to the Colonel?

Game Cock

In 1982, the Nobel Prize for Literature was received by a modest Colombian writer with the formulation "for novels and stories in which fantasy and reality, combining, reflect the life and conflicts of the whole continent". Latin American literature has become as popular as the Cuban revolution. If you suddenly want to understand the Latin American political system, then in accordance with the advice of Subcomandante Marcos, you should take and read "Hamlet", "Don Quixote" and "Macbeth". If you need a brief history, read "One hundred years of solitude".

English Examination. Tips for Successful Passing


The English language is getting closer to us: new technologies, the Internet, work, study – all these spheres are somehow closely related to English. It is hardly surprising that more and more people are beginning to learn the language every year to obtain a certificate of English proficiency level in order to have a document confirming their knowledge. But before you get a coveted certificate, you will have to work hard: preparation for the exam in English is a serious and time-consuming task. Can this be done quickly and efficiently? Are there any universal tips?

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