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Comparing Two Books Like a Genius

Good Versus Evil

Why would your teacher want to you to compare two books? Well, first of all, the fact that you can compare them means you have read them. The second ingredient to the comparison soup is the ability to analyze the content and know it well enough to use the quotes or mentioning of the scene as the evidence. The last reason is to see how you can put your thoughts into a logical flow and how well you can manage to convince your reader that your opinion is correct (if such thing as opinion can be correct, at all).

Healthy Competition as a Key to Success: Why and How to Use It


It is not a rare situation when you are in college and you need to compete with someone in writing essays, making presentations or even achieving better grades. In fact, we are forced to compete with a lot of people probably since childhood, and surely way into adult life. Personal and professional competition can make you awfully tired. Sometimes you feel like giving up your work just for the sake of lessening this pressure on yourself. However, you should remember that there are healthy types of competition that will be good for you. This article will explain you some main reasons for competing in class and practical advice on how to keep it civil and fruitful for you.

Stop Feeling Jealous of Your Classmate’s Achievements in School


Ever since kindergarten, children are often compared amongst themselves by the grown-ups in their lives: the teachers and the parents. Even if the teacher does not outright say that Jeremy is a better speller than Rosie, the system of grades does it for him. School and then college can be a stressful environment for everyone who cannot handle the competitive atmosphere well. Sometimes you might feel jealous of your classmate, whether you are friends with him or not, for his excellent grades and academic achievements, even though you have used the same effort, while not gaining the expected praise or result. You have handed in a non-plagiarized essay that you have spent a lot of time to research, and the teacher can still give you a bad grade, and praise the work of someone else. How to cope with being overwhelmed with jealousy?

Fast Reading: Learn It Now

Book Page

Some people might think they do not need to try to read faster. Some of them think they are fast enough as they can swallow the book in two hours. Others would say that fast reading kills the joy of reading and leaves the reader with only half of good impressions experienced in a rush. And guess what? All of them will be at least a little bit wrong. Fast reading allows us to read effectively, managing to remember all the important facts and details. It cannot substitute slow reading during a rainy evening with a cup of tea and a cat cuddled on your knees, but it will help you move though the tons of new information and get what you need from it faster, so you will save some time for more pleasant activities.

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