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Common Types of People That Could Be Met at Any Workplace


Summer is here and it means most of the students have already found part-time jobs or internship programs to attend. The first job is usually a tough experience for every person but everybody should come through it nevertheless. Maintaining good relationships with colleagues can surely make your adaptation period much easier. But how to learn to communicate with each of your new coworkers if all of them have different personalities and characters? To help you with it, here are some common types of people you can meet at any workplace and possible tips on how to deal with them.

First Day In a New Group - Survival Guide

First Day in a Group

It is a great skill to find some common ground with different people, since not everyone is a master of communication and charisma. If you are the only new person in a team, you and your actions are bound to be put under thorough inspection. In other words, no matter what you do, you will draw attention to yourself. Some people may find it irritating or even uncomfortable, and further aggravate the situation by locking up inside their safe space like a snail. Here are a few tips on how to break the shell and make the right first impression.

Freewriting for Beginners as a way to boost your creativity


A great way to find new ideas and journey through unexplored areas of your unconscious, freewriting is a technique known to writers, both amateurs and professionals. Indeed, uninterrupted writing for a fixed period of time can make you realize not only your writing ideas, but also what is lurking about in your subconscious: the things that bother you, your current feelings and mood, your desires and motives. Freewriting is an easy and productive technique to fix the motor of your brain and put it into motion.

Choosing the Future Profession: What Should Be Considered


The hardest aspect to think through while choosing your future profession is the fact that you need to select much more than just a field of work. Together with the content of the work itself, you should never underestimate the possibility to grow as a professional, the social status and the circle of the people you will need to interact with. It is possible that having made a wrong choice the person later feels unhappy and lost. In addition to that, most of us are too scared to risk and change something. To avoid all of these, one would better take time and think about their future profession in advance.

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