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Summer Break: How Different Will It Be After the Graduation?

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You have done it! You are no longer a student. Now you probably realize that you have taken things for granted in college, even considering all the crazy assignments you had, all the sleepless nights, and all the urgent deadlines. The new chapter of your life has brought new problems and things to deal with and you can’t avoid them no matter how hard you try. Everything is about to change, including your summers counting from this one.

Social Network Pages: How to Make Your Account Catchy

Personal Account Header

In the modern world people spend each free minute in social networks, especially now, when there are a lot of different formats and resources - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Tumbler, etc. By the way, before you will be hired, your employer will look through your pages first in order to understand what kind of a person you are. Your page helps people to learn a bit about you before the meeting, so you can make your account interesting.

Essay on Advantages of Computer Games

Computer Games

If you are assigned a task where you need to be an advocate for a side of a controversial issue, do not despair. In such case, your task will be to look at the problem from all kinds of angles. Whether you are a rabid fan of virtual realities, or you have never touched a console in your life, you need to learn how to defend a point of view and list the positive aspects of something that may or may not affect your life at all. Here is an example on how to proceed.

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