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College Essay Not School Essay

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A few understudies make exceptionally smooth moves from writing a school essay in secondary school to writing in college, and we generously wish every one of you to get the easy path. That is why here is some sort of explanation why those two types of essays differ.

Essay About Culture Shock: Shock Them All

Shocked Face

No matter how hard people try to come up with some lists of types of people and how much they write about different cultures, each person is a universe. Everyone is unique, and when two unique people meet, it can result both in a life-long friendship and in a shock, not in a very good way. Is that what you thought of when the teacher has assigned a paper?

Quantity vs. Quality in Student Life

Books and Pens

In our every day lives, we often cannot find the best balance between quantity and quality. Especially this can concern our student lives. There are many of us, who prefer quantitative work, and then are disappointed that they cannot produce something of higher quality. On the other hand, some students can write brilliant essays, but the workload at college and the lack of time forces them to resort to services online and pay for essays. How to find the perfect balance between the first and second aspects of your student life? This essay will deal exactly with this issue.

Essay About the Wage Gap: State the Facts

Coins and Bills

If you are concerned with equality, if you are interested in gender studies, if you value justice most of all, even if you just need to write a school essay to get a credit, the topic of the wage gap can become a perfect one for your work. Sometimes your professors need you to analyze a certain social issue. It may be harder to do, as it will require a specific type of research, gathering evidence and getting your persuasive arguments out. This essay can reward you with specific knowledge that you can use in debates and with the awareness that change starts with you. Here is an article that can guide you through your essay.

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