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Resolve and Avoid Conflicts at College

Harmonious World

A big part of growing up and becoming a responsible adult is the ability to resolve different kinds of conflicts. If you are a very flexible person who can influence other people’s actions and thoughts, you will go far in life. However, there are some tricks and hints that everyone should know in order to make life’s experiences less stressful. A conflict is the inability to agree on something, the clash of interests, opinions, ways of dealing with the world. You may be good at writing a non-plagiarized essay or memorizing tough formulas, but without the skill of resolving conflicts, it will be quite difficult for you to survive college.

Myths About Part-Time Jobs: Things You Should Know

Part-Time Job

Every student at least once in his life finds that there is no money in the pockets. It usually happens with teenagers, who depend on parents in case of finances and ask them for a kind of support while making a costly purchase. Of course, such situation is very unpleasant and makes young people feel bad. That is why many of them start thinking about a part-time job. Probably, most of the students know its advantages from all these college newspapers and internet resources. However, the reason why they avoid getting this job is a list of its negative impacts on studying, private life, relationships with people and so on. A big part of these things are wrong and do not exist in the reality.

Benefits of Reading: Invest in Your Future

Tree of Books

From a young age we are told that reading is something precious, that we all should do. Our parents bought us picture books and read some exciting fairytales for us before bed, to make us develop our own love for books. When we grew up, we probably had a favorite series of comic books or young adult books that we could read over and over again. Now that we are in high school or college writing essays textbooks are our friends, and we may have lost our desire to read something aside the school program, just because we have no time and desire to do so. To renew our love for books, let us present you the benefits that you can gain from reading. Take them into account and rediscover a forgotten passion.

How to Control Your Emotions Effectively?

Person at Lecture

Probably, all of us have encountered such situations, when emotions should be kept under control. It may be the moment when someone criticizes you or a professor tells that you prepared for the class badly. Sure, there are a lot of such moments at college, which may you worried or even angry. It is essential not to let them overcome you and stay calm even if a situation is insulting. Do not forget that being too emotional make you look like an impolite or impatient person. It is better to prevent such a behavior and you will seem to be a self-confident and smart person. None of the famous politicians, scientists or web developers act too loudly or show their wonderment: they will never demonstrate their emotions in an intemperate way.

How to Deal with Criticism?

Person Criticizes Something

It is true that all of us have to encounter criticism during the whole life: at school, college and even at work. It makes as stressed, anxious or angry on a certain person, who tries to undervalue your attainments. As a rule, it is a teacher or your boss. You cannot stand these people and the way they behave. Sure, no one likes to listen to bad things about his work. However, the real situation is sometimes different from your point of view. In the majority of cases when someone criticizes you, it is possible to get a lot of benefits from it. Of course, it sounds unreal for most of the students, but it is true.

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