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Useful Tips to Write a Fantastic Conclusion to Any Paper

Student in the Library

In most cases, thesis and concluding paragraphs of paper are the hardest parts of to write, but they're no doubt worth investing your hours and efforts in. An essay writer should keep in mind that these two parts are often what a reader memorizes best. Even if it seems there is nothing you can add after presenting your piece of work, you still have to make sure your ending fraction is the best part of the writing as it can have a substantial influence on your readers' final opinion of your piece of work.

Write a Funny and Lighthearted Story


Laughter lengthens the course of our lives, thus it is the most effective medicine. This makes it the most difficult to create too, especially using literature. Since each person has a certain type of humor, often it is hard to categorize the ingredients to a perfect humorous story. However, there are comedic situations that can be divided into certain categories.

Social Inequality Examples

Woman in Politics

This event occurs every day among the whole world both in developed and poor countries and everyone may become a victim of it. Moreover, we can say an average person at least once at his or her life has become a victim of such kind of discrimination. Still no one knows how to fight against it fully. You will find several examples of social inequality in this article.

Skype Job Interview: Hints to Pass It

Skype Conversation

Do you remember the movie “Un in the Air”? The main hero was getting thousands of dollars to travel around the world and fire the workers of the companies, who hired him. In the real life (as well as at the end of the film) a new way has been introduced: hiring and firing people through Skype conversations. As students are often part-time workers or at least are willing to become ones, they should know how to get ready for a successful job interview through Skype.

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