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Meet the Ampersand or the Story of One Symbol

Ampersand on the Paper

The symbols of antiquity surround us. Elegant, rude, ornate – many of them have already firmly entered our life, but are still covered with a veil of secrecy. If you are one of those people who are enthusiastically immersed in research, who are ready to learn the vast mountains of information in order to get to the bottom of the truth, then congratulations, this article is for you. We have already collected all the necessary information for you and you just have to sit back and read a clear structured material.

Such Interesting Week. Origin and Interesting Facts. Part 1

Tear-Off Calendar

Names of these days are an important part of our everyday life. It so happened that all our time is divided into periods of 7 days, each of which has its own name, history, features. Once you will be able to use this information, for example, to write an essay. Let us look at the days of the week and see what interesting things you can learn about their names in English.

Five Funny English Idioms About Hair


It would seem, what idioms with hair there can be a speech about. This word is not even the most used in its original meaning. However, there are such idioms and we begin to consider them. They can be very useful for enriching your English. They can be used not only for everyday communication but also in compositions and essays.

Collective Nouns. What Does It Mean?


Collective nouns are not something that can be collected or gathered, not mushrooms and not berries. These are words that denote a group of objects, people or animals. A pile of things, a group of people, a flock of birds – these are such nouns. This includes such words as the army, the government, the collective – we think you understood the idea. In contrast to other languages, the use of these nouns in English has several characteristics.

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